First official trailer for XBLA Banjo-Kazooie released

Following this morning's leaked YouTube video, Microsoft has released the first official trailer for the XBLA re-release of Banjo-Kazooie.

Check it out through the link.

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Flops "R" Us4385d ago

Our conclusion is this will flop.

Flops "R" Us4385d ago

Poor Rare,they really are outdated and out of touch with todays videogaming,i mean look at them,their best game of 2008 is a nintendo 64 game.

Flops "R" Us4385d ago

The irony is this game is probably the best looking xbox 360 game of the year since it doesnt need excessive compression like every other flopbox game

Flops "R" Us4385d ago

oh well,i better get back to my AAA playstation 3 titles that provide me with free online and free updates *coughteamfortress2xbox360vers ioncough*