15-Year-Old Behind the Scenes Motion Capture Footage of Team Silent's Silent Hill 2 Surfaces Online

For fans of the 2001 PS2, Xbox, PC and later re-released Xbox 360, PS3 survival horror title, Guy Cihi otherwise known as GCNavigator on YouTube recently shared 8 minutes of 15-year-old behind the scenes motion capture footage for Silent Hill 2 that shows the moments prior to the game's finale.

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AlbertW544d ago

The Silent Hill 2 motion capture and cut scenes are better than lots of newer games. Incredible. Bring it back to PS4!!

Knushwood Butt544d ago


A proper version with all the actors and music.

Hell, I'd settle for a PS2 version that runs on PS4.

One of the best games ever.

DarkOcelet544d ago

How could Konami turn this masterpiece into a pachinko machine and cancel Silent Hills?

F*** Konami

AlbertW544d ago

Konami?? Bomberman R gets Silent Hill crossover

Puty544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

i feel sorry for anyone who spoils themselves this great Silent Hill 2 twist if they haven't played it.

544d ago
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