Why the pros think Black Ops 2 is still the best Call of Duty

"Ask most Call of Duty fans who won the Advanced Warfare Championship and they'd have to sit down and think about it," says Shane "ShAnE" McKerral, a veteran of the professional Call of Duty scene. "But if you ask them who won the Black Ops 2 Championship, which was two years before, they will say Impact in a heartbeat."

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Relientk772058d ago

The Black Ops 2 multiplayer is amazing and all the ones after it just never measured up to it.

oof462057d ago

I'll take my "everything is overpowered and broken" Modern Warfare 2, thank you very much.

C-H-E-F2057d ago

BO2 was the last COD that wasn't doing "too much" new COD feels like it's trying to compete with smaller FPS games, and it just don't feel right. However, TF2 is probably the best FPS currently out.

matt1392057d ago

It was okay, the last half decent COD to be released. The pinnacle of the series was easily COD 4 + MW2, closely followed by WAW.

holdmyown832057d ago

The multiplayer was awesome. The only time I actually kicked ass in COD and the only time I ever bought a season pass.

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