Ps3 Disc chopped. sractched, written on still works video!

First there was this guy who submitted the Blu-ray disc to the steel wool scrubbing routine, now we have Joystiq putting the format to what they call the supreme test.

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DJ5224d ago

That was crazy. Thank god Blu-ray discs have that special coating. Though, I was rather disappointed that it couldn't survive a lil 'ole butcher knife. Pff. Weak! =P

BIadestarX5224d ago

I'm very impressed by this. Next: Try doing the same to the data/Label side and see if it's still works.

Mikey_Gee5224d ago

.. really. Who out there that give 2 flick of flee sh!t about what they have would even get a SMUDGE on a BR (or any media) disc.

After buying a PS3, 360, HD-DVD or BR disc, most NORMAL folks take pretty good care of the "INVESTMENT" they just made.

Still kind of neat to see (I guess)

Raiyel5223d ago

i used disc doctor on my fight night round three after someone stepped on it and slid it across the tiled floor, it works fine, the dd isn't strong enough to remove what it takes off the bottom to harm the data on the disk...

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