Mr. Shifty devs apologize for Zelda stutters remark

The devs say they're working on a patch to address the framerate problems and apologized for saying "even Zelda stutters" on Twitter.

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wonderfulmonkeyman2561d ago

While saying "Even Zelda stutters" was a pretty petty attempt at avoiding the issue, he wasn't exactly wrong.
Some Moblin fights still make the game stall for a moment or two here and there, though why it ONLY seems to happen with Moblins is something I can't figure out.
Maybe there's some undetectable Malice in their coding, trying to shut the game down whenever you're winning too hard?XD

Nu2560d ago

Legend is that Link stutters so he chooses to stay silent.

SoulMikeY2560d ago

E--e-e-exc-cu-cus-cu-cusse-cus e m-m-me p-p-p-prin-ce-ce-cess-ss... . .. ..

2560d ago
SoulMikeY2560d ago

Strange. My only drops were pre-patch in the Korok forest. Never during fights though.

Istolla2560d ago

The devs are trying to compare their tiny game to Zelda. I love the game but it's a pretty bad port to the Switch.

Hopefully they fix the frame rate issues soon.

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MilkMan2560d ago

Boy, it's a shame that we live in a world where the slightest comment can lead to not only dead sales but everyone getting upset and wanting apologies.
Holy sh!t!
Whatever, they are right. Every video game isn't perfect. They have every right in the world to compare their little indie game to a massive triple-A NINTENDO game, which supposedly has some of the highest standards in the industry.
Hey, if they stutter, then cut us a little slack is what they are inferring.
and they are absolutely right.
Now just patch it before the lynch mob shows up at your doorstep.
I'm sure they already lost sales because you know they were speaking the truth.


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