PS Vita and PS TV System Update v3.65 Released

PlayStation has released System Update 3.65 for their powerful little handheld and PS TV.

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549d ago
Killa78549d ago

How extensive are the current hacks?

KeeseToast549d ago

Henkaku allows pretty much everything put you'll need firmware 3.60 for it to work.

549d ago
gamer7804549d ago

"nice to see sony thinking about their handheld"? more like only doing an update that prevents users from hacking it, no new features for the rest of us loyal fans who bought the vita at launch.

Rippcity549d ago

Yeah it's ridiculous. Like there's no reason they can't add remote play button remapping or even a feature that has the Vita mirror the TV (similar to the gamepad) but allow DS4 to control it (I also realize there is a workaround for this but still). It astounds me that remote play has so little support because Sony could shove that in Nintendos face with regards to taking games on the go. Everywhere I take my Vita almost 9 times out of 10 I have a WiFi connection strong enough to remote play my ps4. Such a missed opportunity imo.

CDbiggen549d ago

I love how they still take the time to fuck people over who want to make the most of their abandoned handheld.

AntsPai549d ago

They should add some off the features hackers have, namely, USB support on PSTV. They did on PS4. Also, fix the damn whitelist ffs, I tried to play Sega Mega Drive Collection, a PSP game, on my PSTV and it isn't compatible although is on my Vita 🤔 There's no touch controls or camera in that game so I'd like to know why it's blocked.

awdevoftw549d ago

You can transfer it from a ps3. But yeah, I wish you could just download it straight from the vita store.

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The story is too old to be commented.