VGR: de Blob Review

VG-Reloaded Writes:

"There are some nice multiplayer modes in Blob Party. The first "Paint Match" lets you and 3 other players paint as much of a level as you can, you can also paint over another player's colours to steal their points. The second mode is called "Blob on the Run" and in it only one blob can paint while the others must slam him to win the ability to paint. The third and final multiplayer mode is "Blob Race" and in it you must watch for the flashing colours and be the first to reach and paint each building. It's a lot of fun and will keep you busy for a few more hours after the story mode."

"De Blob is definitely different, and in a good way too. It has some great ideas that are implemented well, it may wear thin after a while but when that happens...just play some multiplayer and paint the town red!"

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