VGR: Crysis Warhead Review

VG-Reloaded Writes:

"There are some nice new weapons such as EMP grenades that disable the Nanosuits used by the Koreans, and a lovely weapon that you get before the end...But I won't spoil what it is. The alien/machine enemies are the same as they were, but have a few nice tricks up their sleeves like shields that need disabled before you can destroy them. I found that I didn't really struggle with any of the fights in the game, yet I had a devil of a time doing the last boss on the first game due to the freezing blast it kept doing. So it's definitely easier, even if the AI has improved."

"Crysis Warhead's campaign may be short, but it's a blast from start to finish. It'll leave you wanting more, which is always a good thing. The multiplayer is much better here and with some mods added, I'm fairly confident that you'll have a great time...if you have a good PC."

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