Bungie Trailer Rumor Round-Up: Additional Halo 3 Campaign Content And A Hidden Ship Date

Kombo reports, "When Bungie does stuff like this, the wackos like yours truly, come out of the woodwork. We are the kind of people that will analyze the hell out of every trailer, frame by frame. But it looks like the pieces of the puzzle may be coming together a bit. Below is a breakdown of the current rumors that have been inspired by Bungie's new trailer..."

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crapbox 3603673d ago

To save this crappy game. I say just let it die peacfully like the past 5 Xbox's I owned have.

Flops "R" Us3673d ago

We dont need an analysis to determine whether or not it's the next Microsoft flop

Flops "R" Us3673d ago

Xbox and flops=Peanut butter and Jelly.

Flops "R" Us3673d ago

Nevertheless;Thanks for the analysis for it only verifies the flop nature of the upcoming halo

Xi3673d ago

then it's the best looking game this gen on any system, it's like cg.

LevDog3673d ago

I hope your joking.. Halos graphics were a joke.. What was it again? 576p?

OOG3673d ago

to bad halo has some of the best gameplay/multiplayer out of any game LevDog

How about goin back to troll land.

running rampid3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )


LevDog3673d ago

Did I say anything about gameplay? Im a Socom fan.. I know about gameplay over graphics.. One thing I wont do is spew Nonsense about CG graphics when its well know that the game doesnt come close to great graphics.. Halo/Socom are in the same category.. big following, great gameplay, and average graphics (NOT CG)

Xi3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

halo looked amazing, only people with fanboy goggles thought otherwise.

This new look is as if it were a comic book in motion, it looks better then 90% of the cg animated junk on tv.

also, please don't compare halo to socom that's a disgrace to bungie.

LevDog3673d ago

WOW.. Edited your comment a lil.. Adding that lil extra at the end.. You and bungie should thank Socom.. Socom was the first console game with a headset.. Prompting others to do the same.. So please give credit where is due.. As far as disgraced.. 2 different games.. 1. FPS VS TPS.. 2. ALIENS VS REAL PEOPLE 3. MINDLESS SHOOTING VS TACTICAL WAREFARE.. The differences dont stop there..

They both are great in their own way and comes down to preference.. Lets be serious.. When xbox came out.. no one knew what to expect.. Halo came at the right time.. Lets be honest.. HALO was seriously the only title for xbox that mattered..

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