The Nintendo Switch's Next Major Test Is Coming Up Very Soon

It's safe to say that the Nintendo Switch cleared its first hurdle. The hybrid console sold out moments after launch last month, queuing up a tidal wave of hype based both on the surprising success of its core concept and the overwhelming reaction to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Reviews hailing the latest Zelda game as among the best in history have put the console on even footing going forward even as it begins to face down something of a content drought on the road to the fall: there isn't much to do with the machine right now, but the utter beauty of what there is to do is more than enough for just now. Not forever, however. Nintendo has decided to trickle out first=party content in an effort to avoid the content drought that damaged the Wii U, and so next up we've got Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, on April 28th.

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ShawnardAgain1282d ago

Switch owner here. No drought in site. Plenty to play.

DarXter1282d ago

Good for you, hope you enjoy the games!

You can say what you want about Nintendo, but they make some excellent games.

Don't own a switch myself, but usually buy their consoles at the end of their lifespan when I can pick it and their greatest games up for cheap.

Nu1282d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but Mario Kart 8 has the most beautiful cartoon aesthetics I've ever seen.
I'm thinking that when Switch 2 comes out, Mario's world will possibly look as good as MK8.
Odyssey looks good but the anti jaggedness is ugly. Switch 2 I expect to be of PS4 power.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

Test for what? We got games to enjoy and mario kart is adding to the list. Also plan to get Wonderboy and Constructor HD this month its crazy. And I recently got Mr.Shifty which is really fun.

In comparison I didnt get a PS4 until when Destiny came out as its launch lineup was sparse and had games i already owned on my PC. And I got infamous second son and last of us remastered cause i didnt play it on ps3. So im defintiely not against ports or remasters.

Istolla1282d ago

People forget that all consoles suffer a drought when they first launch. With the indie games coming out for the Switch I think Nintendo had actually done a great job.

Pennywise1381282d ago

I wish it was a new wave race releasing. I don't know why Nintendo abandoned that franchise. It make a perfect summer multiplayer/party game.

remixx1161281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

Man the memories, I still own wave race blue storm for game cube.

I May even have the original for n64.

XbladeTeddy1282d ago

This game isn't a test. It's proven it's worth with my and many others ungodly hours playing it on the Wii U. I kind of wish I never played it now just to get that special new Mario Kart feeling all over again. When it's cheaper will buy it again.

Nu1282d ago

Switch portability will be perfect for MK8

talocaca1282d ago

As expected Nintendo is keeping the Switch.

Zelda is unbelievable, Mario Kart 8 is fun, Splatoon might be a worthy sequel and Mario Odyssey might be epic.

Other games seem to be having a problem similar to VR: value perception.

I got 1-2 Switch and it is NOT a $49 game...Also Street Fighter II Ultra feels overpriced at $39.

We need more Snipperclips between big releases!