8 Other JRPGs to Play if You Can't Get Enough of Persona 5

With the release of Persona 5, you might be wanting some similar RPG experiences. Here are eight JRPGs to help you get your fill.

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Relientk771465d ago

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

himdeel1465d ago

Lots of Vita games in here. It's a rpg monster system.

3-4-51465d ago

So many RPGs between psp,Vita,3ds....I'll be playing rpgs on these handhelds for years.

InKnight7s1465d ago

Playing p4g right now on my vita and just cant have enough.12 hours of playing and just got castle floor 8 to fight that escaped prince he is tough

Fist4achin1465d ago

Great fun and it gets better as you cruise along the game! Enjoy

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LAWSON721465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

There are so many good JRPGs on PS3 and PS4, heck even the vita has a fair amount of exclusives ones. I try to platinum them so playing them all so I usually poor well over 100 hrs into them all. I have quite the back log

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