GameZone: BioShock PS3 Preview

"In what country is there a place for people like me?" – Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan was a bit of a visionary. He imagined a utopian society but simply because he could not create this in any country in the world, he decided – quite simply – to establish his society where the world authorities had no jurisdiction … under the Atlantic Ocean.

But even Utopia can fall into the maws of hell, and with Ryan's city – called Rapture – the fall was a hard one. Mutations, little girls with big metal encased guardians, Rapture has taken on all the aspects of hell unleashed upon the living.

It is into this world that you, as the gameplayer, are thrust. But don't worry; you won't be entirely defenseless in this waking nightmare. You have weapons at your disposal, as well as injectibles that will provide stimulation to deteriorating health bars. Plus, even though you don't know it when you first start following the voice that seems intent on your salvation, your genetic code is rewritten to allow you to throw electricity from your hands.

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gunnerforlife3676d ago

superb game but wrong timing

iHEARTboobs3676d ago

for the release date. Should release earlier in the month. Shoot, it should have been released last year.