Quick Update: 'Wii' Family Now Suing Radio Station

The radio station where the infamous "Hold Your Wee for a Wii" contest took place (KDND-FM) is now facing a lawsuit from the victim's family. This comes just two days after 10 station employees were fired, so fired for their involvement in the woman's death. The lawsuit appears to hinge on the fact that the on-air personalities knew of the dangers of drinking so much water in such a short period of time. It looks like the majority of you would agree with this latest development.

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MicroGamer5429d ago (Edited 5429d ago )

that people resort to stunts like this to get a game console. I just camped out last night to get a Wii and was first in line when they handed out the numbers in the morning. She could have gone late to work and waited in line for one instead of taking such a risk, but the radio personalities were warned,even pleaded with, by listeners on the air not to do this because it was dangerous, and they did not even do any resaearch to check whether the listeners concerns had any sort of foundation. They figured "Oh, it's only water, so it's harmless" and let the drinking contest go ahead. If this had been an alcohol drinking contest, they would have taken precautions.

ChickeyCantor5428d ago

this is what i hate from people, someone died and then they go make abuse of it so they can make some money :S

jackie chann5428d ago

And anyone involved in the idea should be put in jail. It was obvious from the start there would be someone who wouldn't give up. Desparatly wanting a WII prepared to put their life on the line.

ChickeyCantor5428d ago

why? evry body knows it is bad!!
in the freaking audio the woman says: i feel light headed....isnt that a warning?

its her own fualt