Gamernode: Digimon World Championship Review

Gamernode writes: "Anyone who is familiar with the digital pets such as Tamagotchi or Gigapet should already have a fairly clear understanding of the gameplay involved in Bandai Namco 's Digimon Wolrd Championship for the Nintendo DS. In fact, the Digimon product began as a rival to the Tamagotchi and has since "digivolved" to the videogame medium.

Because the Digimon franchise focuses raising and training digital monsters, players will find that the Digimon World Championship experience is more about maintenance and management than actual gameplay. Most of one's time with this game will involve moving Digimon from cage to cage in an effort to boost certain stats or give the little buggers a bit of rest, dropping food in their faces to prevent starvation, cleaning up waste with a broom and dustpan tool, applying bandages, administering medicine, etc."

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