Famitsu review scores (4/18/17)

This week's Famitsu review scores include the first verdict for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

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Geobros547d ago

35 is great for a Mario Kart game!!

Imp0ssibl3547d ago

Even more so for an enhanced edition

547d ago
Luucifa547d ago

Nintendo takes off with the highest-rated game of this month too? Interesting... Very excited for that battle mode and 60 fsp co-op!!!


LOL what nintendo game scored higher than persona 5?

Munnkyman547d ago

Great score for the game. Surprising since it's a repackaging but with some enhancements. Though Mario kart 8 on Wii u was awesome. hopefully I'll find a switch soon

XbladeTeddy547d ago

Good that others will get to experience this great game. I've played it to death though already. I want MK9!

Testfire547d ago

I never got a Wii U, so I'll be enjoying this one on the Switch soon enough.

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