Technology and online gaming – A match made in Facebook’s design lab

Every time you strap on a headset, you fuel a growing piece of the economy. Global spending on virtual reality (VR) and its cousin, augmented reality (AR), could top $13.9 billion by the end of 2017, according to recent forecasts. That’s expected to rise to as much as $143 billion by 2020. It’s fair to say that VR and AR are here to stay. And there’s one area that the two technologies are thriving in: online gaming. So how is this industry leveraging this technology and what fun, mind-blowing new developments do gamers have to look forward to this year?

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OB1Biker642d ago (Edited 642d ago )

I think MP is perfect for VR. Its intense in short bursts with unlimited hours of fun and you can jump in and out anytime between matchmaking. Its obvious VR will really take off when they get rolling SWBF or COD like MP games for VR

DesVader642d ago

My own experience with VR is that its great fun, but it takes some getting used to. After 20 minutes, I felt pretty woozy when I took the headset off. So while I think the tech is amazing, long gaming sessions will be a while coming so, yup, short burst MP sessions could be good fun.

OB1Biker642d ago

yea many times when I take if off for a break after playing for too long I feel like those guys in PSVR advert 'wow' haha

HermanHG642d ago

Indeed! The Eve: Valkyrie short 5 minute bursts of playing might be just the answer!

642d ago