A Former Competitive 'Super Smash Bros.' Player's Tips for Shaping Your Gaming Community

If you're familiar with eSports and competitive gaming, you probably know that Super Smash Bros. is a big deal. But it hasn't always had the massive community it boasts today.

One Canadian gamer, Pidgezero_one, has dedicated a big chunk of her life to Smash, playing competitively for a while as the Pokémon Jigglypuff as well as doing everything she could to bolster the community. Today she focuses mainly on speedrunning and app development, but Super Smash Bros. still holds a very important place in her heart.

SH got the chance to speak with Pidge about each of these elements of her love for gaming, from why she mained Jigglypuff to what Smash means to her and what's got her hooked on speedrunning.

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