Nintendo Switch: You Can Play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe For This Long Before the Battery Dies

One Game Rant editor tests out the battery life of the Nintendo Switch while playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and it lasts long enough for anyone to get in a decent amount of karting.

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PeaSFor2563d ago

3hrs with 30% screen brightness.., wich is kinda disapointing since i like to play with high brightness...., but whatever, im getting the Switch mainly for MK, so i will have to accept it... or always bring my 26,800mAh portable charger with me.

bluefox7552563d ago

That is pretty disappointing, and if I ever got a Nintendo console it would also be for MK. I think I'll just get it on Cemu though.

Erik73572563d ago

To bad cemu cant run on anything portable without paying 1grand+ for some bulky laptop

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r2oB2563d ago

It would be nice if they ran a separate test with a persistent WiFi connection for those that play online (not just WiFi being on, but actually being used). Being connected to WiFi is another antenna being active which draws battery, like Bluetooth.

Also, playing at 30% brightness is fine indoors, but what about outside?

mikeslemonade2563d ago

Mario Kart is overrated. Didn't buy the WiiU version and not gonna buy the Switch version. Actually I've never bought a MK game in my life. Playing it at a friends or borrowing it is enough. After one round it gets boring.

Lockdown5552563d ago


Well you see genius, the Switch can play local multiplayer in portable mode. So taking it somewhere means that you may not be playing single player because two people can play and perhaps just maybe, somewhere in the world a few people who all have a Switch will get together and play wherever they are. In fact with 2 Switches that means 4 people can play anywhere! That's actually the selling point of the Switch so maybe you should think things through before spouting your mouth...

septemberindecember2563d ago

It is pretty disappointing that you'd rather emulate this game illegally than purchase the product, honestly.

iplay1up22562d ago

Have you not learned that is not cool? Why would you get the illegal copy that you cant really play on the go? Just get the battery adaptor or if you are like most of us, use one you already have for your Cell phone, that gives you another 3 hours, and you probably already have one.

I for one never like console emulated games, on PC they never seem quite right.

3-4-52562d ago

@Crotaaa "What's fun about Mario Kart single player? Why would you want to play this game on the go?"

^ Are you serious ?

Single player Mario Kart has always been fun....even since the SNES/N64 days.

You make your own fun with games most of the time and some people can have more fun with games than others.

I love playing the single player modes of Mario Kart by myself....but Battle Mode is awesome too.

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Erik73572563d ago

I'm looking at that case that powers it. Of course its not out yet but I dont have the Switch yet either...

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Apocalypze2563d ago

Another issue is that u can't charge the controllers while charging the switch.

deafdani2563d ago

The joycon controllers charge themselves when you put them on the tablet, and charge the Switch (either docked or with just the supplied power cable).

It will charge the Switch console itself first, then it will charge the controllers.

Also, the joycon controllers have a battery life of about 20 hours, which is plenty. You don't even need the joycon charging grip at all, that's an absolutely unnecessary expense.

ninsigma2563d ago

That's pretty bad. If you're on the go, the lighting around you is gonna keep changing, so you'd generally want to have it at a higher brightness. Even if you're just in one place with controlled lighting, why would you want to play at 30%?? That charging case will likely be a must!

Goldby2563d ago

Switch your background to the black version to save battery life as well while playing the game

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XanderZane2563d ago

Now you don't have to click the link.

"At a full charge (and with the screen brightness left at around 30%) the Nintendo Switch ran Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for exactly 3 hours, 9 minutes, and 20 seconds – providing this user with a little over three hours worth of play time."

I'm not getting it anytime soon. I think everything is just overpriced. I'm very happy with my 3DS XL, so I'll be just fine until the Switch drops in price or a lot more quality games get released and I can't resist not having it.

indysurfn2563d ago

Wii didn't drop in price until it was discontinued. Wii U didn't drop in price until it was discontinued. Good luck waiting on a system that forced Nintendo double the first year manufacturing from 8 million to 16 million in only 1 month after launch to drop the price. Plus there are LOTS of system selling games coming out in it's first year.


XanderZane2562d ago

Nintendo may not drop the price, but I guarantee you that retailers will eventually. There will be bundled sales during the holidays, that's a fact. I'll wait. I didn't get the Wii U until about a year and a half ago. Got it for my daughter who couldn't stop playing it at our nearest Gamestop. Even she hasn't played it now in months. All she wants to play is my XBox 360. lol!!

Poseph2562d ago

Kind of a tangential point, but I always find it fascinating I see people decry the Switch's battery life, and make the claim that a battery pack is some kind of necessary purchase.
My question becomes, what made the Vita and the 3DS so special? Common consensus seems to be that these handhelds would typically get between 3 and 5 hours of playtime, depending on the power draw of the game being played. These figures seem to be very typical of mobile game battery life. Why is that same battery length suddenly unreasonable when it comes to the Switch?
It gets even better, because buying charging devices isn't a sunk cost into the Switch. If it isn't already, your smartphone will be using USB Type-C in the future. I regularly charge the Switch with the wall charger, car charger, and battery pack that I already use for my phone.
It's just baffling to me that people can look at 3+ hours of Breath of the Wild or Mario Kart 8 on the go, and walk away disappointed by those figures.

Lockdown5552562d ago

Seriously. The only time you're going to play it for longer than that is if you're going on a very lengthy trip, such as an airplane ride, in which case you're probably bringing along ways to charge your devices anywho. Plus cars have places to charge and most airplanes are adding places to plug in devices as well.

Neonridr2562d ago

I just got a Galaxy S8 and Type C for the win :P

Seriously though, I will never understand people who gripe about battery life when it's basically in line with other handhelds while pumping out games of a ridiculously more complex nature.

IamTylerDurden12562d ago

That's not good. The Slim Vita has significantly more battery life. Do they really expect u to turn the brightness almost all the way down?

GuruStarr782562d ago

3 hours isn't too bad. I usually play at a higher brightness, but I keep a high-end portable battery charger and USB cable that works with my Switch. So I'll probably get a few hours or more with that.

I'm looking forward to it, even though I five-starred the original on Wii U.

Fast RMX has kept me busy in the meantime, and with the new patch out today, it'll keep me busy for another week and a half (not to mention I'm still playing Zelda).

I ended up going digital on this one, since it's a game I know I'll never sell and it will make it much easier to take on the go.

PeaSFor2562d ago

@GuruStarr78 "I five-starred the original on Wii U. "

sold my wii u pretty early and aint gonna lie, im itching to play MK again!(and i guess ZeldaBOTW will be a cool bonus too)

GuruStarr782558d ago


Yeah, I sold mine not long after the DLC finished coming out, there really wasn't much to look forward to for my taste after that.

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Istolla2563d ago

I wish the battery life was higher, but do people usually play handhelds for more than 3 hours on the go? I know everyone's use case is different but I'm genuinely curious.

I have a 21,000 mAh portable battery just in case but I've never had to use it for my Switch so far.

Gazondaily2563d ago

Time flies by quickly when you're having fun.

Erik73572563d ago

Not really but I would when on a airplane. But portable batteries could be used

WeAreLegion2563d ago

That and you can charge it on a plane while you're playing it.

indysurfn2563d ago

Who said no? You can charge it on a plane with a battery! You just have to turn wifi off during short periods of time even on international flights (called appropriately airplane mode)