Now Loading...PSN Refunds: Should Sony Follow Microsoft?

Should Sony offer PSN refunds on digital games? Why or why not? And with that discussion, this week's Now Loading on PlayStation LifeStyle kicks off.

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Eonjay548d ago

Yes but find a way to discourage or avoid abuse. That was easy... new topic please.

mikeslemonade548d ago

Nope shouldn't have refunds at all. Games are already cheap as it is. You letting cheapscapes play the game for 2 hours and then returning it.

lelo2play548d ago

New games are mostly 70€. Do you find that cheap? If so, then you must be rich. Enjoy...

Death548d ago


What's the difference between playing a retail game for a relatively small amount of time and getting a refund vs playing a demo of the same game for a relatively small amount of time for free? In both cases if you like it, chances are you will buy it. The big difference between these two models is by offering a refund you are already committed to a purchase and a separate software package isn't required. This is a very pro-gamer policy to have in place and in my opinion a very welcome change from the no refund policy that has been around for far too long. If people choose to abuse the refund policy, they should be targeted instead of targeting everyone else in case someone abuses it. I'm honestly quite surprised you are against something that benefits gamers like this.

JasonKCK548d ago

Oh come on! You know if it were the other way around you would be saying something totally different.


Hmm something tells me you're only saying no because it's asking if Sony should follow MS...just a hunch.

ThatOneRiggaNob547d ago

lol your comment is just sad. You'd rather side more with a company than to further stuff that's good for consumers.

Aenea547d ago

Wow, you aren't a nice person are you? The more posts I see from you the more I get that feeling...

Anyhoo, yes, they need to discourage abuse, but for 98% of games out there 2 hours isn't enough to finish them so your comment doesn't make sense in the slightest...

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Nu548d ago

I was expecting a Mega 64 episode...

Patriot4Life548d ago

I don't see how you can abuse it...I mean let's say someone is playing Fall Out 4 for two hours and did this just to return it...two hours is nothing and you need to play more in order to truly enjoy it.

Plus I am sure MS will know when someone is doing this multiple times and will see pattern which will then block this user.

yomfweeee548d ago

And you example is a $60 game with many hours of gameplay. Yes, it makes since for that.

Some games are $10 with expected game length of near or under 2 hours. It doesn't make sense for those.

LordMaim548d ago

I've been able to get refunds for PSN games before, such as Kerbal Space Program which is a completely broken port on PS4 and Xbox One thanks to the clumsy ministrations of Flying Tiger.

gtarhro7548d ago

Yes. I'd welcome it. Would make it easier to decide if games are worth it while conveniently being digital if you decide to keep it. I don't play indie games that much, so I can't say anything about that.

Pancit_Canton548d ago

Maybe gamers should be more a little responsible on things they buy online. Do some research, try some demo's, watch videos. The internet provide all the resources you need to get all the info's. $60 is a lot of money to jump into the hyped train and starts pre-ordering things on day 1.

1nsomniac548d ago (Edited 548d ago )

How can gamers be more responsible when it's perfectly exceptable to provide bullshots & fake information publicaly by the developers. Or pay streamers "sponsorships" to promote their games only positively, signing contracts stating they're not allowed to mention negatives. Or providing "goodwill gifts". Then there's the strange phenomenon of review embargoes. All of which are now part of the industries general behaviour.

Blaming the customers so naively is just stupid.

yomfweeee548d ago

Wait until games are out and hours of video are online and a shit ton of reviews.

EatCrow547d ago

Yes and in that strategy you also risk tons and tons of spoilers.

548d ago
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