5 Announcements I’m Hoping Nintendo Makes Soon

"Nintendo gave us a well-presented and all-around enjoyable Nintendo Direct last week. There isn’t much I could complain about and there is a growing consensus that Nintendo’s holding a lot back in their recent streaming conferences, (or so we can hope) to save the 'big guns' for their E3 stream."

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RufusvonBalsac2233d ago

All i want is VC with filter/stretch opinions and trophy system.

Abash2233d ago

Just give me Pokemon Stars and SSB4+ announcements for Switch and Im good for a long time

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sk8ofmnd2233d ago

Im hoping they announce the nx thats a stand-alone home console... Not a handheld dressed up like one please and thank you!

porkChop2233d ago

The Switch is the NX so good luck with that. Everyone else will be enjoying games from Nintendo's handheld teams, and their console teams on one system.

sk8ofmnd2233d ago

Ok porkchop calm down this an announcment im hoping as the switch is evidentally underpowered when compared to consoles from 4 years ago? Yikes

_-EDMIX-_2232d ago

@sk8- "the switch is evidentally underpowered when compared to consoles from 4 years ago? Yikes"

Ok, but how is that any different from Wii and Wii U?

This is portable, still "underpowered" and still giving classic Nintendo quality games like Zelda.

I'm sorry but they've proven that they don't need HUGE POWER to deliver their concepts....a Wii U port is getting more 10's then any other game of all time, understand that sorta proves maybe handheld makes sense for Nintendo's future.

To those mad at that statement, you can't have it both ways.

You can't get mad at sk8 for asking for a more powerful system, then also get mad at me for suggesting that they stay "underpowered" and stay handheld.

For a fact, Nintendo for the last 10 years has had underpowered consoles.....

If they are JUST going to continue to make underpowered consoles, they have no place in the stand alone console market, go handheld, have a dock or cord that allows it to be outed to the TV and be done with it.

Breath Of The Wild , a Wii U port can work on Switch, which proves Nintendo doesn't need a stand alone console, that is the quality that they normally put out, sooooooooo a stand alone console only fragments the market and over all hurts their consumers.

Nintendo can get away with having a handheld that can play on the TV and I think its the best move they could have done at this point. If they had no plans to make games that look anything past Breath Of The Wild, why even make a stand alone console in the first place?

Switch is a can play Wii U level games......

No need to ever go back to stand alone ,Switch is proving that they don't need to and likely could have done this all the way back in 2012 and they would have been ok.

in 5 years when Nintendo wants to make something more powerful, they can simply make a more powerful handheld that outs to the TV, just like Switch.

Sorry but I don't see the point of them making stand alone when for 10 years they've shown that they can produce great games without such expensive hardware.

_-EDMIX-_2233d ago

yea I just don't see that happening.

Consider this....Wii and Wii U were lessor to PS3, 360 and PS4 and XONE, no different then Switch is lessor to PS4 and XONE.

So even if they did make this "home console" it likely would have had less power then PS4 and XONE, thus resulting in them not getting that 3rd party AAA support.

So if they don't have a history in the last 10 years of going toe to toe with Sony and MS in terms of specs, why would that suddenly change now?

If they are going to make a system that doesn't even aim to beat current specs, it actually makes zero sense to continue even MAKING "stand-alone home consoles".

Just make a handheld that can out to the tv ala PSP 2000/3000 series and combined your teams and call it a day.

Look at Breath Of The Wild.....

Its running on a handheld....

Consider this isn't THAT big of a deal if you factor that Wii U was WEAKER then PS4 and XONE from the jump anyway, so again, what sense does it make to make a stand alone home console when the company isn't even aiming to meet or beat current gen specs ie PS4 and XONE?

They work on platforms that are good enough for THEM, if Wii U was good enough for them, Switch just being a portable Wii U, makes sense for the company.

They were never making a system to beat PS4 and XONE, so why make it stand alone when they are not even making it powerful enough to even JUSTIFY being stand alone?

Nintendo can get away with working on systems with not that much power, makes more sense for them to go portable only and just out to the tv, combined teams.

If you had no issue with Wii U, you should have ZERO issue with Switch. You can play it on your TV for you console feels, you can take it on the go if you feel just, but like PorkChop stated, the most important thing here is that Nintendo is putting their handheld and console teams on one system.

This helps you more then you realize bud. You'll be getting more games on your TV then if they made a stand alone.

I predicted this years ago that THIS was the EXACT route they would go. If they are going to make weak hardware, just make a portable and give the cord to the user to decided if they want to play on the TV.


1 system, pick how you play. We don't need them fragmenting the market. like 3DS vs Wii U, Wii U got the short end of that battle. It helped no one for that to happen. Hurt Nintendo but more importantly, it hurt consumers. I owned a 3DS, but I still feel sorry for those who bought a Wii U that got shafted in support compared to 3DS, this makes it so that doesn't happen again.

C_Ali882232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

I actually agree EDMIX ( I know right!!!!!), Except I don't feel shafted for owning a Wii U it was a great experience for the limited time it was relevant. I do think the Switch's capabilities lie a bit beyond the Wii U so in a sense it closed a gap where scalability between demanding games was NOT possible with the Wii U.

For reference check out these trailers.

Hyrule Warriors-
FE Warriors-

Clearly the Switch has better resolution, assets and effects than anything the Wii U was capable of. So in a sense you are 100% correct they needn't come out with some juggernaut powerhouse console, they needed to make a console that played to their strengths. Photo realism isn't one of their artistic visions in many of their main franchises, therefor the amount of realism one can achieve by higher clocks and newer chipsets became pretty moot for Nintendo.

Nintendo games are always pretty charming and I guess that goes to more their Disney-like mission of separating fantasy from reality, where games aren't focusing on being or becoming more and more REAL but in fact the opposite, games that take you into a world of their own.

I own my Ps4 and love it and I can honestly say that both the Ps4 and NS play nicely together, they are sort of like brothers considering the history of the Playstation, Nintendo became a dead beat at conception and Sony had to do it all by themselves.... Sony was a strong single parent... LOL

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that 3ds has sold upwards of 20 million in Japan alone, Ps4 has sold 20 million in the Us alone, I see this as not a war per se but a defining of target market. Nintendo knows portables and portables move Yen, Sony knows home hardware and powerful hardware moves Dollars and Euros....

Play nice!!! Video gaming is awesome!!!

_-EDMIX-_2232d ago

@C_A- I only mean in comparison to 3DS. I feel Wii U would have did great with at least those games ported.

Consider Wii U has 2 screens, 3DS was weaker then Wii U and those ports would have been pretty easy.

Animal Crossing
Link Between worlds (easily one of my favorite Zelda games)
Mario RPG Paper Jam
Luigi's Mansion and so on.

I feel they could have done more, look at Smash 4, its on both, Nintendo could have simply just put the best 3DS titles on Wii U as I don't think it would cost them that much and Wii U has 2 screens.

if Gravity Rush can be ported to PS4, those 3DS games could be ported to Wii U. PS4 didn't need those Vita games, but Wii U really needed that support. No knock on Wii U either, simply that more games would help and 3DS legit gave me a lot of reason to just not buy a Wii U.

"Clearly the Switch has better resolution, assets and effects than anything the Wii U was capable of. So in a sense you are 100% correct they needn't come out with some juggernaut powerhouse console, they needed to make a console that played to their strengths"

100% Agreed. The Switch can do all the Wii U can do, better which sorta proves they don't really need a stand alone device if they can do what they are doing with Switch as a portable.

"I own my Ps4 and love it and I can honestly say that both the Ps4 and NS play nicely together, they are sort of like brothers considering the history of the Playstation"

Based on what both publishers put out, both are the must haves for each gen. I've always done a PS console and a Nintendo handheld, Wii U was the first gen I didn't buy a Nintendo console. Its way I've always felt that they would do better simply just going portable only and just having a video out. 3DS could have been better with those Wii U titles, Wii U could have been better with those 3DS titles.

Just makes sense to just combined both and call it a day. Nintendo just doesn't need such power to create what they make to really justify a stand alone console, not when they can simply be the best at making the best handheld that can also give console quality as an option.

I think they are headed down a very, very good path with this set up, Monster Hunter, Pokemon, Fire Emblem etc are ace series, they will move huge units. I've always felt for years, oddly enough from PSVita and PSP, that Nintendo likely could just make a handheld that outed to the tv and been fine, if the Switch is positioned to be that from Nintendo, they will be more then fine.

The only thing that can hurt Nintendo at this point is Nintendo. I hope that handheld they have in development is simply a slimmer Switch, we don't need them fragmenting the market again ala 3DS vs Wii U, Switch can succeed as both.

conanlifts2232d ago

It is not happening. They might announce an switch xl in 2 or so years, but the only power difference would likely be a 1080p tablet screen.
In terms of power this is actually the closest Nintendo have come since they released the gamecube ( which was ahead of the ps2 and didn't do that well ).

NotanotherReboot2233d ago

the 1 announcement I hope they make is that they're leaving the industry

porkChop2233d ago

You hate a company that much that you'd rather they not exist at all? Now that's just petty.

NotanotherReboot2233d ago

Where did I say I wanted them to cease existence? I want them to enter the porn industry instead, because they're great at f*cking us consumers

C_Ali882232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Hahaha not gonna happen..... Maybe Microsoft, considering they have never won a console generation..... NEVER!

monkeyDzoro2233d ago

I read all this, and nowhere there's an expectation for a new IP. Which is sad really. What is even more sad, is most Nintendo fans not asking Nintendo new IPs. All they want is remakes/reboots of older games, Metroid....
Don't you guys want to see new AAA IP (of Zelda scope) from Nintendo? Aren't you fed up with the same games each gen ?
This is tiring (-__- ) ......

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gangsta_red2233d ago

I'm sure everyone is asking for a new IP's. That is a given but I also think it's a little harder to go in discussion about because you never know what the new IP is or will be about.

That is why a lot of discussions for every console usually deals with wanting to see an old game return remade, rebooted or re-imagined.

_-EDMIX-_2232d ago

Well I can agree with that.

Can't ask for something specially you don't know of existing.

He might mean asking for new IPs in generation as suppose to exact titles.

I do believe that Nintendo fans to a degree have largely given up on this company making a lot of new concepts.

gangsta_red2232d ago

"He might mean asking for new IPs in generation as suppose to exact titles."

That might be true but I don't believe it is, I have seen lots of Nintendo fans ask for new IP's and also be excited with anticipation for anything upcoming or teased. The same way any of us would be for any console we play.

I mean seriously, show me a Nintendo fan who has said they DON'T want to see any new IP, AAA games on Switch from Nintendo.

_-EDMIX-_2232d ago

I mean, I agree but as a old school Nintendo fan, I've stopped hoping they would be like Sony and make new series every gen and I think their fans have too.

Its not that I don't want new IP by Nintendo, simply that I'm not expecting it anymore in terms of quality.

They haven't really made a new IP that is to the caliber of Metroid or DK or Zelda etc, but the sad part is they haven't even tried. They've basically been milking the same IPs for decades.

When you do see a new IP, they treat it like crap.

ie Pikmin, great game, 2 entries and (lets skip a generation)
Luigi's Mansion (grossly underrated game) skips several generations annnnnnnnd 3DS title

This is the crap Nintendo fans have to put up with that ultimately have them just stop being Nintendo fans and simply fans of some titles. I don't care for the publisher, I don't care for their outsourcing, they've lost just a HUGE amount of market share and mindshare from the consumer to deliver quality games. They are too much hit or miss, to the point where any fans that bought the BEST of those series, are long gone.

ie Paper Mario Thousand year door ....Color Splash being the worst selling Paper Mario
Star Fox 64 .....Star Fox Zero the worst selling Star Fox

So what is going on here? They realizing that they can't get sales from 10 or 20 years ago from users that ALREADY LEFT? THAT is lost market share in a nut shell folks. They've pissed off and haven't delivered to those core fans in so long, they've simply moved on.

Even if Star Fox Switch is just flying and shooting, no BS...who from the oldschool would even care, know or even trust that its legit? Its likely they've moved on and Nintendo has failed to capitalize on the market's wants.

You do this enough and like I said, people start becoming fans of just 1 or 2 games, not really the company or series. ie I'm a fan of Star Fox 64 NOT the series, I'm a fan of Melee, NOT ALL Smash bros or I'm a fan of Metroid Prime, NOT FEDERATION FORCE! People start seeing it as a fluke, as a "We were fans of that 1 game in the series" and that isn't going to help you long term.

So I can 100% see how gamers are sorta tired of hoping for Nintendo to make a REAL new IP or even properly make sequels to classic games.

Look at Star Fox Zero? The game failed at just such a simple concept. Fly straight and shoot stuff and they managed to royally screw that up. So was it worth 20 years waiting just to get bad games? At this point I'd rather they just do a AC or Call Of Duty Star Fox if it actually means GETTING THE QUALITY OF STAR FOX 64 FOR MORE GAMES.

Its tiring yes, but understand that such a thing also means the community has very little faith in them making a quality new IP, they are having trouble simply just making games of existing concepts.

monkeyDzoro2232d ago

Well I already understood that. That's why it's really sad.

_-EDMIX-_2232d ago

@Monkey- I mean it sucks to really only hope for a few IPs, but what are we really to do?

Switch for me is just for Animal Crossing and Paper Mario or another Mario RPG (Star Saga). Those for me are safe bets and I just don't hope for things to be like they use to, if we didn't get Star Fox 64 type game now, its just not happening. They need a reboot like Sonic is getting and like Mega 9 and 10 got. Fans are not asking for them to redo the wheel, not asking for motion, not asking for different controls or anything like that. Wii U sold 14 million because those fans from 20 years ago already gave up, they already stopped believing that the company can deliver that and maybe those titles where just 1 in the series that they liked and not the whole series.

Its many Star Fox games should someone buy hoping for Star Fox 64-2?

At some point you just stop caring.

Those who are getting Splatoon 2, they should be happy its even like Splatoon 1, I have no issue with how they are doing that game. Those that are young and complaining....they need to get, its better this way, trust me folks. You don't want Splatoon 2 getting the classic "Nintendo sequel" treatment.

Be thankful its like the first game, don't gripe folks. Us older gamers only wish that was the case with Star Fox, Paper Mario, Luigi's Mansion, Metroid Prime etc.

The 10th Rider2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )


"They haven't really made a new IP that is to the caliber of Metroid or DK or Zelda etc, but the sad part is they haven't even tried. They've basically been milking the same IPs for decades."

That's just flat out not true. Splatoon smashed the sales of any Metroid game. It beat out all but the classic Donkey Kong games and the top selling Zelda games. They're also clearly hoping that ARMS earns the same amount of success Splatoon does.

Also, the Wii U didn't even get enough games to say it relied on the same old franchises. Mario Kart, 2D Mario, 3D Mario, and Smash Bros are pretty much the stereotypical Nintendo franchises it relied on, outside of that it barely had anything.

As for the Wii, it got Sin and Punishment, Excitrucks bots and bikes, Punch-Out, Battalion Wars, and Rhythm Heaven . . . In addition to fairly well received new IPs such as Xenoblade Chronicles, Pandora's Tower, the Last Story, Endless Ocean, and Wii Sports.

Outside of the Wii U, which flat out didn't get much support at all, the facts don't support what you're saying.

TXIDarkAvenger2232d ago

New IPs is pretty much a given though and there isn't much to talk about when it comes to that. I don't think any Nintendo fan is worried about getting new IPs from Nintendo. Metroid is definitely understandable considering we haven't had new one in a long time.

_-EDMIX-_2232d ago

Since like 10 years ago.

All I want, Retro studios, Metroid Prime 4 FPS, no motion BS, no MP bs, leave it alone and make it a real sequel and move on.

Istolla2232d ago

I love the Zelda series why would I want then to stop that franchise.

Do people get tired of call of duty, or NBA 2k, or wrestling games.

Istolla2232d ago

Splatoon and Arms are new IPs...

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PurpHerbison2233d ago

I'm hoping for Monster Hunter, but not some 3DS port. A new fully fleshed out Monster Hunter built from the ground up for the new Nintendo system. If it isn't that... I don't care.

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