Nintendo Unveil Fourth Quarter Line-Up

Nintendo have today unveiled their fourth quarter release schedule for both NintendoDS and Wii, including all first- and third-party releases, for the UK and mainland Europe. Along with the highly-anticipated Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City which was dated earlier today, highlights include Wii Music, Disaster: Day of Crisis and Professor Layton and the Curious Village. The full list is included below…

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TheColbertinator3767d ago

Disaster:Day of Crisis is the only interesting one to me.

Wii60Fan3767d ago

yeah that is real hard core nintendo. LOL what a joke.

Thinking I should have stuck with my ps3 instead of getting a wii.

Elimin83767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

You think.... Why did you get rid of your PS3? you went through the trouble to pay so much for it... which I think is worth every penny...

Voiceofreason3767d ago

Nah I sold mine too. It wasnt an issue. Stores had stacks of them and it just isnt worth the money. 600.00 for a game console with no games and too much focus on movies is not my thing. Thats why I like the Wii. Its focus is on games. Of course I am a little smarter than the first guy up there. I understand that its not Nintendo making 99% of those casual games so I dont blame Nintendo or trash them when Ubisoft announces the 30th petz game.

Thrusting Duffman3767d ago

Wow, what a bunch of shovelware

Voiceofreason3767d ago

Someone here doesnt have a single clue what shovel ware really is. Very few of those games are actual shovelware. Many are just kid friendly titles. Some are casual games. Casual and kid friendly does not mean shovel ware.I wouldnt bother wasting my time to explain the difference though. You went this far through life being clueless why try to stop the trend.

PS360WII3767d ago

Don't even comment if you don't care. That's a big list and a bunch of good games on there :)

Wii60Fan3767d ago

mostly girly games and casual. Stuff that doesn't interest me in the slightest.

PS360WII3767d ago

Wario Land, Fifa, Sim City, Lego Batman, Disaster, James Bond, Spider Man, Deadly Creatures, Blast Works, Call of Duty, Skate It, Rayman Rabbits, Shaun White Snowboard, Naruto, Animal Crossing, King of Fighters, Guitar Hero, Star Wars, Ace Attorney, Mega Man Starforce, My Sims, Metal Slug, Exit, Little Red Riding Hood Zombie BBQ, Prof Layton, Need for Speed, Pokemon, Tomb Raider, Mushroom Men, Time Hollow, Castlevania, Summon Night, Dragon Ball, Prince of Persia, GTA,
Eledees, etc.

See once again reality vs. perception. Reality is Wii/DS has many games that gamers want and perception is that it's full of girly stuff. So take your false logic and go into the PS3/360 section you really only care about.

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The story is too old to be commented.