Digital Fiasco Episode 28: Reading Between the Lines With Phil Spencer

This week Dandr0id and Jack McBastard talk about Phil Spencer's hints at the future of Xbox as a service, and the long term viability of Scorpio's forwards compatibility

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LordMaim2171d ago

Time Codes for The Digital Fiasco Podcast Episode 28: Reading Between the Lines with Phil Spencer

(1:46) Dandr0id is still building costumes
(3:17) Dandr0id plays Rain World
(12:41) Dandr0id plays Stories: The Path of Destinies
(18:45) Jack McBastard plays Cosmic Star Heroine
(22:57) Jack McBastard plays Mafia III
(27:22) Discs, Downloads, and DLC Highlights (NOTE: The Surge Gameplay Trailer
(33:43) G2A takes a page out of the Trump playbook
(41:04) Who knew the Kinect was a disaster? Peter Molyneux.
(45:23) Everyone wants a NES Classic? Better cancel it.
(51:01) Crash Bandicoot is a PS4 Exclusive. Mostly.
(53:25) Star Wars Celebration and The Last Jedi trailer
(58:22) Star Wars Battlefront II
(1:06:57) Deep Down is still a thing
(1:08:11) NVIDIA is coming (or maybe just breathing heavily)
(1:08:46) Dead Island 2 refuses to die
(1:10:01) The first Nier is being reprinted
(1:12:30) Microsoft's new digital refund service
(1:22:15) Reading between the lines with Phil Spencer
(1:46:17) The Options Menu: Steal This Idea
(1:47:56) Steal This Idea: Carsanity
(1:56:29) Steal This Idea: F-Zero the RPG

whitesoxfalife19762171d ago

wait your title is about Phil and yet the main point is nearly at the end of your podcast. ill pass

LordMaim2171d ago

As you can see from the time codes, we do go through a large number of topics. This is an expansion of last week's Scorpio heavy episode, and a callback to the very first episode where we discuss Microsoft's long term plan for the Xbox brand beyond consoles.

But if that one point is all you want to listen to, you can certainly just skip to it, listen for 24 minutes and then turn it off. Or not. Your call.

whitesoxfalife19762171d ago

L.M I was literally was gonna play it til i saw ya time stamps. I wasn't tryna make an early morning rant my bad if i came off like that. I'm just used to the meat being in the middle of other podcast i listens too.

LordMaim2171d ago

No problem. I usually structure the show in such a way that the biggest discussion happens at the end of the news section, particularly if there are other topics that lead into it that provide shading to the discussion.

The time stamps are for those who want that one thing specifically, and don't need/want the other discussion. Either way, I try to respect people's time.

Mr Pumblechook2171d ago

@whitesoxfalife1976 You are being overly harsh on the bloggers as they are being entirely transparant. The Phil Spencer element is the most important so they use it as the headline. It isn't at the beginning of their podcast show but they do give timecodes so you can jump straight to it.

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XiNatsuDragnel2171d ago

Reading the lines is all what fanboys do.

LordMaim2171d ago

What's interesting is the things that Spencer talks about off handedly in the middle of talking about Scorpio. Taking them into consideration alongside their strategy on the Play Anywhere initiative, it makes for some interesting discussion about what's next for Xbox as a brand and/or service.

whitesoxfalife19762171d ago

slow down there youngsta......

LordMaim2171d ago

You don't find what Spencer actually talked about this week interesting?

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343_Guilty_Spark2171d ago

There is zero support for Phil wanting a modular Xbox. Total BS Podcast.

LordMaim2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

I think perhaps you've confused the discussion of what Phil Spencer said with one of the hosts' interest in such a model. Phil Spencer's direction is more along the lines of Trip Hawkins's concept of the Xbox brand as a service.