Tales of Berseria Review: An Excellent J-RPG Held Back by Awful Voiceovers - Pokde

Our review of the latest J-RPG by Bandai-Namco, Tales of Berseria. It's darker than your usual Tales games but it's much better than its predecessor.

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608d ago
VoiceOfUnreason608d ago

Voice overs are fine unless your head's really far up your own ass (i.e. Weeb).

If anything was a problem it's the end game script translations (which, good luck understanding whats going on with Japanese voices and dialogue that makes no sense.)

pokdenet607d ago

Well, we personally found the VOs to be very cringy, just like Tales of Zestiria. Bandai Namco did well for English VOs for Tales of Xillia and Tales of Vesperia tho.

We're also kinda used to the anime-style of things so the script was pretty okay for us with the Japanese VOs.