5 Things You May Have Missed in Breath of the Wild

Wondering what secrets Breath of the Wild still holds? Here's a few things you might have missed on your journey across Hyrule.

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2349d ago
MilkMan2349d ago

game is boring as fuq...i probably "missed" a lot of stuff.
I don't mind playing open world games, but Zelda's is just boring as all hell.
I'm playing Wild Lands cause guess what? My weapons don't break and their open world although repetitive is chock-full of encounters and I don't feel like a damn cartographer searching the land for "towers"
What a major screw up by Nintendo.

EddieNX 2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

You couldn't be more wrong but you're entitled to your opinion. However, youre not allowed to compare trash like wild lands to Zelda, that kind of opinion will not be tolerated by anybody 😂😂😂

Game is a solid 10/10

Link2DaFutcha2349d ago

I'll admit it took me a bit to get into zelda, even being a hard core fan of the series, but after I cleared the Zora Divine Beast I got super into it. Fantastic game that you're really missing out on if you don't give it an opportunity to shine.

thrust2349d ago

Wildlands hahaha good one!

Kabaneri2349d ago

Comparing Wildlands with Breath of the Wild is like comparing a cheeseburger with filet mignon.

fungusar2349d ago

Keep trolling you are doing a great job

Darkfist_Flames2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

I agree, most of the things you do arent even fun, even the so called freedom, is just you explore empty fields and collect sh***.

Summons752349d ago

Cries about weapons blind to see the hundreds of weapons the game throws at you to make the weapon breaking a complete non-issue.

2349d ago
Istolla2349d ago

Yes sales numbers for breath of the wild agree with you./s

You talk as if they made this game to specifically suit your tastes.

Nu2349d ago

What type of hell have you gone through?

jagermaster6192348d ago

This guy obviously hasn't play it or never will! Nice stealth troll bro....Not!

Smokingunz2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

See the many dislikes u got? I can't respect your opinion on this one, obviously you're a hator botw is the best game ever.

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That one guy 862349d ago

I want this game, but do not own a Wii U/switch. I've been considering a Wii U over a switch because I want to play older games I missed. The cost of either console is pretty high, but a wii u would allow me to play many solid games sooner, rather than waiting for switch to release more.

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Imalwaysright2349d ago

Don't know why you got disagrees. The Wii U has outstanding exclusives and more games to play than the Switch. You can get a Switch later on when its cheaper and with a bigger library of games to play.

3-4-52349d ago

Dude your missing out. Switch is like a Super Vita x5 with a PS4 like library of games (well potentially could have those types of games rather than just Vita/3DS handheld games.....hopefully you get what I'm saying), and ability to play handheld or on TV......

Nu2348d ago

You could also hack WiiU and dl the video juegos

Smokingunz2341d ago

True, i bought a switch instead because i didnt have a wii u

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2349d ago

Bobby Kotick, Brad Smith, Other Microsoft & Activision Execs Comment on CMA's Preliminary Decision

Following the preliminary approval from UK's CMA, Microsoft and Activision execs have published new statements.

XiNatsuDragnel14h ago

Once this is over we can go back to business but Microsoft will eat everything up to compete buy hey gaming right.

crazyCoconuts7h ago

If you believe the 10 year contract with PS is legit and bulletproof, not much should change in the short term.
MS claims to be playing the long game with cloud and PC, and not as concerned about consoles.
But who knows - they may have a surprise or two up their sleeves. Maybe there's a way they could twist the knife with COD and still honor that contract.

Markdn6h ago

Without playstation in the market cod sales would be poor at best and Microshaft know this. Starfield was underdeveloped to not make the series s look pathetic. And the series x might as well not exist because of Microshafts greed in trying to steal sales from playstation and failing miserably.

DarXyde5h ago

I've said this before, but it's entirely possible that Call of Duty remaining on PlayStation may well be contingent upon allowing XGP on PlayStation.

I think I have a pretty decent track record on anticipating what they do. They're hopelessly predictable in their strategies.

crazyCoconuts5h ago

@DarXyde - totally agree, that would be the perfect chess move for MS, and would make 100% sense.
Only thing that makes me doubt that is that Sony would certainly have had to see that and called it out if the contract allowed that wiggle room. Maybe I'm giving them too much credit, but that's an obvious thing to protect against, and I'd think they'd be crying foul from the high heavens if it were possible.
Non-disclosures might have been signed before they saw it, but still... that's something worth breaking NDA over

Charlieboy3334h ago

@DarXyde & Crazy There's no way Sony will allow gamepass on Playstation as it will directly interfere with PS+ first of all.

It would also mean that people already subscribed to PS+ would be required to take out ANOTHER subscription just to play COD. Or people that are not keen on subscriptions will be forced into signing up for months if it's only available via 'gamepass on PS', instead of being able to buy the game outright.

Sony ain't gonna do Microsoft favours at the expense of making things shit for THEIR customers. Also, wouldn't Sony be screwing themselves even further by losing money from sales, if people can only play it via a Microsoft of all people?

I just don't see it happening. Playstation is not even going to make the next COD available on THEIR service day one. They prefer to have proper sales ( as they should ).

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343_Guilty_Spark3h ago

What do you mean go back to business - you haven’t been playin games?

XiNatsuDragnel2h ago

Have you? Just asking a question with a question.

Battlestar2312h ago

Awesome so the deal can now pass. Hopefully MS quickly move on to buying Capcom, Ubisoft, Square Enix.

neutralgamer199210h ago

UBI have Tencent money who are themselves a trillion dollar company so that ain’t happening. And good luck going through Japanese laws in buying one of their companies especially when you are a outsider

But the mindset you have is what’s wrong with Xbox fanboys. If it up to y’all you would want MS to buy up PlayStation and Nintendo next, because why have options let one company control everything