Amazing LittleBigPlanet Beta Gameplay video

The levels your about to see were all made entirely by LBP BETA Participants.

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Time Lord4867d ago

I'am amazed someone managed to that in less then 24h with limited tools.

Just wow.

sonarus4867d ago

That looks like the japanese beta too.

Now you see why its lame that sony is region blocking LBP levels. Thats BS.

Time Lord4867d ago

I havnt seen you in N4g in while and that explain your lack of information regarding LBP.

All levels are regional free now. Sony confirmed it some time ago.

Voozi4867d ago

Not Japanese, Korean lol

sonarus4867d ago

haha. Yea i knew it didn't look japanese but had no idea what it looked like. I thought beta was only for Japan, EU and NA

I am going to want confirmation for that no region locking thing. Cus that would be great news if true

Time Lord4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

Hi all, as many of you may have heard already in an interview at Leipzig the senior producer for LittleBigPlanet announced that the game is region locked. This is in fact not the case, and all shared levels in the game will be available worldwide. The confusion arose out of regional differences in how moderation will work as there are different legal rules each region have to play by, and at one point this looked like it may require the game to be independent in each region - however this has been worked around and there will only be one region for the game.... a LittleBigRegion.

Happy day :-)

rdgneoz34867d ago

I don't think all of that was user created levels. I remember seeing the cow rodeo level in a video from Leipzig I believe, not sure of the others.

INehalemEXI4867d ago

Wow, that must of taken at least a few days to create.

meepmoopmeep4867d ago

obviously that's a video of the 360 version.

sonarus4867d ago

hahaha still representing breakfast

Thanks for the link timelord. I am happier now

KillaManiac4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

Those Beta levels aren't in the EU beta. More likely they are testing different things on each beta. I noticed in this video, this beta's level opens with a Zipper (EU's doesn't).

Different Beta Builds is more likely reason we don't see their levels.

orakga4867d ago

It appears that the video is running off of a KOREAN CLIENT. What's more is that the quest dialog (i.e. "go do this and bring that cart back to the X spot, etc") is written i Korean as well.

So, while the maps may be sharable, if there is any text within a user-created map, those will obviously not be translated, which may limit the extent to which people will be able to share their maps.

But I have to say... those damn Koreans never cease to impress me. How does a country so small (compared to others) have so many talented AMATEURS? They really need to find ways to get these kids some real jobs so they can make some legit stuff on their own...

(and if anyone still has any doubt, these guys appear to have made this level as a tribute for a Korean movie; the posters shown early in the video)

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cahill4867d ago

mark my words
This will make a killing in reviews and sales

Montrealien4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

lol, your preditcions are the most bloated and off mark...

remember this PM to me from one of your many accounts?

(MGS4 will easily outsell GTA4 on OPENING DAY Sales considering the fact that it will sell 2m in europe on launch day and a definitive 1m at launch day in JAPAN )


I must say, I do agree though, this game should do well. It looks great, but overhyping is always bad.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4867d ago

Er EVERY 'LittleBigPlanet' Video is AMAZING!!! ;-P

Can't believe after nearly 3 years out the xBox 360 hasn't made a Game that is as BRILLIANT than this Game???
If you want boring P.C Games stick with a xBox 360!!! ;-D

SONY are GODS of Consoles!!! ;-P

Montrealien4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

Cahill is the funniest, he just sent me this PM.

(bastard f*cker
MGS4 has sold 670k copies in Japan that is equal to x360's LTD base in Japan

It has definitely reached around 2.5m-3m in europe

MGS4 will sell 10 m lifetime

LBP will tear away the TRASH BOX 360 this Fall

just wait for the reviews to pour in )

Let`s not forget his MGS4 sales prediction...

((MGS4 will easily outsell GTA4 on OPENING DAY Sales considering the fact that it will sell 2m in europe on launch day and a definitive 1m at launch day in JAPAN ))

And I repeat, LBP will do great, it looks like an amazing game.

nonAsianDroid4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

This could be on xbox live arcade. 800 points maybe

Aquanox4867d ago

I wish PS fans stopped labeling everything PS related as "Incredible" "Awesome" "Unbelievable" "Amazing" "Breath Taking" "Ground Breaking"...

...Because in this video what I see is a good platformer and I know it has much more potential than what has been shown here. However, judging by this video alone, there's nothing "Amazing" for a fully featured game.

KiddyBrownTurd4867d ago

lol, Nazi'm is such a pathetic cunt!

he loves sending "bastard f*cker" PMs doesn't he? what a little sh1t!

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Julie4867d ago

It is, i was smiling all the time when i was looking at the video, it is full of win and fun, i am still smiling , thx sackboys :=)

Porno Decepticon4867d ago

Aw man the japanese are gonna have some very detailed levels, I can't wait to get ahold of this seriously, you look at that and you're like how is that NOT fun?! lol

damnwrx4867d ago

Do I hear a bid.........