Xbox's Phil Spencer: Sony's VR Unit Is 'Great', Teams Visit Each Other

Despie being on opposite sides of the console war, Microsoft's Phil Spencer has only good things to say about Sony's VR plans.

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1522d ago
Gazondaily1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Learn from him skydragoon!

Phil is the real MVP !

OB1Biker1522d ago

So all the teams are being open he's saying. Good sport for the one saying it and getting the limelight or good sport for all the teams actually doing it?

Fist4achin1522d ago

Wouldn't it have been badass if they met in "VR" and then it turned into some badass Tron competition?! Sorry, my imagination runs a little wild when I get a little bored...

Gazondaily1522d ago

I like the way you think!

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KionicWarlord2221522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Phil spencer didnt call the psvr unit great in the interview. He said Sonys Team has been great.

"And the VR community itself is actually really open. The Sony guys have been great, they've had our teams down, we've had them up to look at HoloLens and stuff that's been going on. Obviously Valve's about a stone's throw from here. So the VR community itself is actually very collaborative because I think everybody realizes how early we are in the evolution of what this thing is about. "

In regards to VR gaming he cited scorpio saying there will be some great vr experiences.

"So we will support VR on Scorpio. We said that onstage. We will support VR on Scorpio, we're going to do that, I think it's important, I think there's some great immersive VR experiences."

generic-user-name1522d ago

I'm a PSVR owner myself, but I really hope Scorpio's VR takes off too. It would be great for VR as a whole.

XanderZane1522d ago

I think both Sony & Microsoft want VR to take off and be big as it would benefit both companies going forward. This is why competition is always good. I don't think either company wants to see the other fail.

OB1Biker1522d ago

'I think there's some great immersive VR experiences."
Well that's a progress from what he thought last year.

KionicWarlord2221522d ago

Because scorpio is capable of the exact same experiences as PC level rift VR because it meets the requirements of high fidelity VR.

Rhythmattic1521d ago

New console gen confirmed by Phil.

XiNatsuDragnel1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Great sport, why don't fanboys don't be just like this.

Prince_TFK1522d ago

They are too busy bitching about which piece of plastic win sales.

ILostMyMind1522d ago

Or win power now. You forget to say that.

Raiden1522d ago

I believe that MS should stop releasing inform on there products because all I read are negative post, even when you have a positive article some ass face has to write a negative article for click bate or point to MS paying some company off, so did MS pay Sony too. All those negative article nice to see positive one.

slate911522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )



Patriot4Life1522d ago

I am new here but I have never seen a more Toxic place than N4G...sure the people in Neogaf are bad but this place is so negative towards a certain brand.

OB1Biker1522d ago

You ve never seen a more toxic place than N4G?
Did you try IGN, 24/7, IdK. There r many way worse.

iain041522d ago

Welcome to N4G. To be honest I sometimes have a great laugh at the fanboys spitting venom at eat other.

zuul90181522d ago

Uh if youre actually a patriots fan and visit its there too. Its not just one site, its everywhere. seems to be patriots fans and green bay fans bashing every article (not saying youre part of it). has warriors fans post everywhere the same way. Really whichever team just won a championship theres gonna be millions of new fans that go post annoying dribble.
Hell some rager patriots fan made that site "" as a rebuttle for the spygate and deflategate crap then every pats fan would link that everywhere...

Wallstreet371522d ago

Lol bs neogaf is super toxic with their better than everyone else mentality, it's sad. So many times I've seen pompous douche bags on there make comments about "junior members" and act like its OK and as if they weren't new to gaf at one point. Only reason it's not toxic towards games and brands and there isn't as much in fighting is because in order to sign up you need to have a professional email linked to your account and once you get out of line they ban you instantly and it's not so easy to make another account to get it.

Again as the years go by sites and brand loyalty change with trends. Five ears ago this site was green heaven lol and toxic towards Sony.

shinrock1522d ago

Been like this for a while now.

Liqu1d1522d ago

No, this place isn't negative towards a certain brand.

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tyasia01522d ago

I love when you guys get all self righteous and pretend your not the other half of the coin.

How quickly you forget the chants of PlayStation has no games and Sony is doomed and PS3 sucks that were so common place last gen.

The only thing that's changed is now that the shoe is on the other foot you don't like that it has a stone in it.

Gazondaily1522d ago

In before cries about 2006....

gangsta_red1522d ago

Interesting, you created this account in 2016 just to troll xbox articles because of the persecution of PS3 last gen?

Confirmed grudge alt account, 10 years in the making.

tyasia01522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )


Should I copy paste some quotes from people who say PS4 fans shouldn't talk about games because in 2013 Microsoft that single year had more exclusives? Or is it only o.k. to talk about the past when it works in your favor?


O.K. lets pretend that this is the only site on the internet and that the press media wasn't saying exactly these types of things.

slate911522d ago

The last gen launch was over 10 years ago and people still bring that up as justification...lmao

Outside_ofthe_Box1522d ago


You don't have to go back a decade to see the chants of PlayStation has no games and that the PS4 sucks. Early this gen a lot people were saying the PS4 had no games. Heck Septic was at the forefront of it claiming that Bloodborne was the only game of worth within the first 3 holidays of this gen... People were also saying that the PS4 sucked and was only selling because "hype" early on this gen as well... The Pro was met with criticism upon it's official showing too..

On the flip-side.. Xbox One was derided hard for not being as powerful as the PS4. People were calling it a "720p machine" and laughing at how it got the "inferior" versions of mutiplat games despite gameplay being the same. And people would bring up how the PS4 could theoretically play any Xbox exclusive at higher resolution or fps if it were made for their console instead. Not mention downplay of "goodwill" moves and calling them 180s...

So yeah, diehards hold grudges and are self righteous when convenient. This been known.

gangsta_red1522d ago

"O.K. lets pretend that this is the only site on the internet"

Okay, let's also not pretend that over 10 years you're still holding a grudge against the big bad media.

"...that the press media..."

Lmao! The media!? Sorry to burst your bubble but it wasn't the media, it was actually Russia all along.

zuul90181522d ago

Nice so game fans are now using the same tried "victim" stance that blacks use everywhere for racism. Or that religion haters use when they claim their ancestors were burned for not believing.

Outside_ofthe_Box1522d ago

"Nice so game fans are now using the same tried "victim" stance that blacks use everywhere for racism"

Not the same. If you're not black you wouldn't understand.

candystop1522d ago


I'm not black but will tell you they're not the problem. Its people like you that are the ones actually complaining about everything (I guess thinking your privileged or something) . You're in know way superior to any one so get over your self entitled ego.

rainslacker1522d ago

Or how when Phil downplayed VR big time before they partnered with Occulus, and after when he was only slightly more optimisitc, and the fan boys went around acting like VR was doomed to fail...and that AR was the real future.

It's possible to cite actual examples from this technology alone, and don't have to resort to going back so far.

I'm glad Phils on board now, and like I've felt since the beginning of VR becoming a thing again, it'd be better if all the companies work together to make it happen. Overall, I've found HTC to be the most stand offish from the rest, but I think their CEO is just bitter that facebook is going after devs and they don't want to take the initiative.

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johndoe112111522d ago

Like how? You mean shitting on a product because your system isn't capable of doing it and then when you make a system that can, call it the best thing ever? Fanboys already do that. All the xbox fanboys that were crapping on VR for the past year will now find it great when it comes to the scorpio. They will be just like phil.

Why o why1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

I noticed that. . Same old laud what you have, hate what you don't. . . Until you get it too of course


Ps plus

Round and round we go. . .

Now the big one is exclusives don't matter. . too niche. . too Japanese. . ain't sold millions. . .I 've heard it all. . . Any reason to justify not having them will be used.

candystop1522d ago

Xbox or PlayStation fanboys will always attack each other. It doesn't matter who said what 1st its the way of fanboy period.

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PapaBop1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

I miss the days of them taking shots at each other, bit of banter spiced things up nicely, that video Sony did of sharing games was brilliant.

gangsta_red1522d ago

Agreed. We need more "Nintendon't" type of competition.

Ashlen1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

What, Microsoft's salty comments after each NPD report aren't enough for you?

gangsta_red1522d ago

Salty comments? It seems "salt" is the new "niche" of go to words to say.

Patriot4Life1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

The difference is back then the internet was not as popular and easily accessed as it is today.

People go to the extreme of wishing death on some one...back then it was fun and banter but today its more like a cult where people worships brands and look at a piece of plastic like its sacred instead of enjoying gaming.

Generic User - My bad I was actually talking about the the Nintendo vs Sega days :)

It was harmless fun in those days but today you have people that would stop at nothing to tell you that your choice of system is wrong and that you should convert.

2pacalypsenow1522d ago

Sony roasted MS bad in E3 2013. I miss the days of ruthless competition. Now we got all this soft "Let's all be friends" attitude.

Outside_ofthe_Box1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Nothing wrong with that attitude at all.

And besides MS isn't exactly in position to be taking shots as of right now anyway. Any shots they take will only hurt them in their attempt to win back the goodwill of gamers that they lost in 2013. Imagine if Phil had trashed PSVR instead... oh boy...

And also, negative comments tend to come back to bite you.. 4 or 5 months ago Phil said VR was "demos and experiments" now he's saying that there are some "great immersive experiences" on VR. He's not getting flack for it now because I don't think many have picked up on that, but the potential is there... it's just better overall for the gaming community if we were all just friends as opposed to "ruthless".

XXanderXX1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Come on now dude, stop being such a cheerleader .

whitesoxfalife19761522d ago

hows what he said is being a cheerleader.

XXanderXX1522d ago

Cause he's coming off as a cheerleader , he could've of said anything about VR .
No need to use names like some school girl Cheerleader especially about the Plat that's always talking junk .
Reason for MS position in the field cause they no longer have that Cutthroat mentality of me First and to hell with the competition, they need to look away that caring BS .

Liqu1d1522d ago

Funny coming from you.

XXanderXX1522d ago

Am an Xbox / MS fanatic will always cheer them on, never going to change .

May occasional cheer Nintendo on but that's due to them being part of my childhood with their great games and me liking them .

Why o why1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Xander. . Love the honesty. . No retreat no surrender

We are mortal enemies. .

Microsoft tried to be cutthroat at the start of this gen because of their standing last gen. . Arrogance has led them to this deficit. . They tried to dictate and it was ultimately their undoing. .

See you on the field

krypt19831521d ago

@why that was Don Matticks vision which he was briefly replaced and right fully so, xbox couldn't be in a better postion going forward.

Legatus1522d ago

Dude don't be such fanatic, lighten up a little, you are always so stiff about "i need to destroy you" fanboy mentality. Not everything needs to be about console wars.

XXanderXX1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Come on dude it's a competition for the consumer dollar and nobody wants a pushover or buy a pushovers items . Consumer want to see a company stand behind it's product while assuring it consumer base that it's purchase was the right choice . So if I have to egg MS to be cutthroat and unfriendedly so be it .

You can't​ lighten up on this site the simplest complement or congratoury comment in an Xbox article will be disagreed upon or report as inapropate . So if am gonna get the disagrees or reported am going to comment how I see fit disepit the MS hate no matter the comment.

Goldby1521d ago

"Consumer want to see a company stand behind it's product while assuring it consumer base that it's purchase was the right choice . "

Is that why Phil is replacing every Xbox one with the S and Scorpio? is that why the cloud has yet to be used and really shown for anything either than Forza? is that why Games have been canceled when the exclusive lineup is already suffering?

yarbie10001522d ago

He actually didn't say PSVR was great. The title is don't worry. No one who played that garbage could lie with a straight face and say it was great :)

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