The Brutal Deaths of State of Decay

In anticipation for the sequel, check out these gruesome death sequences from the zombie survival game State of Decay.

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4Sh0w643d ago

Yeah, I think that's what they will show at E3, at least we know they are fixing complaints from the 1st game where characters felt mostly the same:

"The survivors themselves are dynamically generated from packs of faces, personalities and clothes."
"In order to create realistic faces, more than 100 friends and family members, and developers and members of the community, went through a face scanning process! All of this creates a believable world because realism enhances immersion." ate-decay-2-features-dynamicall y-generated-survivors-enhance-r ealism/

-Hopefully this will also carry over in the variety of weapons and death sequences as well.

1908-PB643d ago

Bigpappy----- dude, i loved the first game and state of decay 2 will be day one for me. what game on the PS4 i have thought of buying day one ? none well not exclusives that is .

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4Sh0w643d ago (Edited 643d ago )

Yeah, first game was good, this one is going to be much better imo, but no need to bash ps4 games= Just because you didn't want any ps4 games day 1 doesn't mean ps4 doesn't have some kickass games.

Razzer643d ago

If State of Decay were a Playstation game you would say you hate it.

gangsta_red643d ago

Agreed! More variety and more niche.

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The story is too old to be commented.