Five Reasons Destruction is more popular then Order

There exists an interesting theory concerning gamer preference of good vs. evil. It is said that in World of Warcraft, as in many other games, the "good" seems to be the most popular choice. Most people want to be the pretty human character, save the princess and become the hero.

Enter Warhammer Online, where the majority of players have flocked to the Destruction side. This isn't simply the 'darker' side, this is the burn-down-your-house evil side. This is the stuff-a-dwarf-in-a-barrel-and-toss-him-off-a-castle-wall evil side. So why do players relate more to this type of bad guy persona? Relmstein has some theories about this over at his blog, which include the fact that Mythic focused much of their hype on the Destruction side.

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TheTwelve3673d ago

...because most people can't/won't act that way in real life.


kwicksandz3673d ago

I rolled destro purely because of the fact everyone rolled ally in WoW and empire = ally. guess my plan failed =(

mindedone3673d ago

reasons why using the word "then" in place of the correct "than" ruins all credibility in journalism esp. in the title.

Perjoss3673d ago

many many words in Warhammer are intentionally spelled incorrectly, this might be the reason for the 'mistake', just an observation.

Leathersoup3673d ago

The main reason that Destruction is more popular THAN Order is because illiterate people like Destruction the number of illiterate people in existence seems to be ever increasing.

ezcex3673d ago

not illiterate... more like the uneducated.

Uncommon Calibur3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

order is outnumbered on my server, but my guild and I kill 3 destructards for every guildy that falls, so it works in our favor. simple trick...own and you wont have to worry about being out numbered.

EDIT: Im actually thinking about it now, and my numbers are flawed. we usually wipe an entire warband of destructards without losing anyone.

Perjoss3673d ago

just my opinion so it don't really mean anything, but i think that the orcs and gobbos are really cool characters to play, also there is alot of humor baked into almost all the content for these 2 races, for someone that likes a bit of a laff while playing an mmo the other races might seem quite boring.

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