New Bungie Teaser - What Does It Mean?

Talk Xbox writes: "...As you know, Bungie has just released a Teaser Trailer for one of their upcoming projects. A different project from Halo:Chronicles or even Halo Wars, many believe this upcoming title will be the fourth game in the main Halo series.

The Trailer itself was not very forth coming, showing only pre-rendered footage and cryptic messages. What does it mean - who knows, but here is our take on this anticipated little tid-bit from Bungie..."

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---------Nona-------3677d ago

It means xbots have yet another flop on their hands

Montrealien3677d ago

nope, but the useless brand whore trolls are coming, I hear them.

n9com3677d ago

the article makes good observations - the palm trees lookt he same as those from halo 2, the pod could be human or flood.... did you guys see the explosion, they mentioned it in the article - it does look like plasma.

I said it before and i will say it again, looks like a squad based shooter.

The Lazy One3677d ago

They didn't catch that it's in new mombasa... Also, the pods aren't the same pods they use for the UNSC stuff.

The Lazy One3677d ago

When it's clearly the only option for the scene.

n9com3677d ago

wow, why do you post crap like that - you calling halo 3 a flop? wow.

Drekken3677d ago

More of a disappointment.

KiddyBrownTurd3677d ago

halo 3 was and still is amazing.

anyone who says otherwise is worthless dog sh1t. nuff said.

n9com3677d ago

anyone analysing it frame by frame? must be more clues in there

m233677d ago

It's not a new game it's an expansion to the Halo 3's campaign. Read the description of the teaser on XBL. Supposedly it's supposed to out Jan 6/09 (Joystiq).

SL1M DADDY3677d ago

I see what you mean though, it does look like it could be a part of Halo 3. I was just hoping they were going to do something in the Marathon Universe.

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The story is too old to be commented.