Stranglehold's Xbox 360/PS3 Theatrical Trailer

It almost seems like this game might not ever come out. But then again, with every trailer that's released it appears to be enough to hold over anxiously awaiting gamers. And that's no exception for the latest video offerings by Midway, showcasing more blood and bullets in John Woo's ambitious presentation of Stranglehold.

At first we were told that the game was due out during the Winter of 2006...possibly just in time to hit shelves before Christmas (or the politically correct term, 'holiday season'). But with constant delays the game has been pushed back into 2007, where our sweaty palms will have to continue to get exercise with the current market's offerings. But it doesn't mean John Woo fans will have to wait in silence, or without reward. Midway has released yet another video showcasing the amazing bullet Broadway of death. And while the game goes through its final phases of tweaking for the Xbox 360, PC and PS3, gamers can take a sneak peek at the latest trailer.

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