Bungie teaser trailer

"We hope you haven't dedicated too much time and stress to this 12-hour long countdown event.

We're excited to finally share this with you.

Enjoy the teaser."

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DarthTigra 3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

What was that. Had halo in it so maybe halo 4? Uh dosnt matter as long as bungies making it il buy 3 copies lol.

Shroomy3676d ago

"Hey guys,

You'll see this posted around other sites soon enough, but we wanted to tell you first. Reason being, we based the ARG around the internet community this time, and it looks like it paid off (I notice you picked up that we stole some of your lingo)

I can't say much, but I will say this:

It's Halo 3, it's a new campaign mode, a new story. Master Chief will be referenced, but not playable. That's all I can say for now, hope you enjoy it!


Awesome, Bungie is cool.

FreeMonk3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

It's a Halo 3 Single Player Add-on pack, probably the Halo Mythic thing.

There are 6 new skulls in the new achievements, something I find weird putting into Multiplayer Maps.

6 new skulls in single player Maps makes sence.

The trailer is set in the city of New Mombosa (in the trailer), and it's clearly based around Halo 3, hence the title at the end.

Looks like we are getting new missions to play!! WOO HOO!!

[UPDATE] It says 'Evacuate' about the City of New Mombasa sign, so obviously something has already happened before this disater.

You can hear gun shots before the 'Ships' crash land on the planet.

There are things on fire in the background before the 'Ships' land.

When the city is destroyed, right before the trailer ends, you can see 1 last 'Ship' entering the atmosphere. The Chief?

etownone3676d ago


where did you hear that?? this is big news if true and MS were wrong not to announce it at e3. IMO

ChampIDC3676d ago

I just hope we finally get a campaign that can top the first game's.

DarthTigra 3676d ago

Im guessing he dosnt want to tell us.

Shroomy3675d ago

"The video info on Xbox Live: "High action and deep mystery await players in this new Halo 3 campaign experience. Prepare to drop."

Check Xbox Live Marketplace, it should say that for the description of the video download.

r3xmund13675d ago

Where did you find that quote mate, it aint on teh webzzor that i can see

Shroomy3675d ago

Look at the pictures in this article, defiently Campaign!

gaffyh3675d ago

what the hell was the point of a countdown for a halo 3 expansion?!?!?

Big let down for me, was looking forward to a new IP or atleast Halo 4.

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vloeistof3676d ago

halo3 was in it why mhh

Vespertine3676d ago

That was really weird.. knowing Bungie, they left some secrets in the video..

Intense ending.
What a teaser. haha

rogimusprime3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

really? The only thing intense about halo 3 was the multiplayer. Or maybe fighting two scarabs at once. Seriously, who likes being teased? That was garbage. Wake me up when they release something tangible.

Sitdown3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Well in the video there was the lines of:
"Please remain calm"
"Expect delays"
"Yellow means yield"
"Obey posted limits"
"Pardon our dust"
"Maddie, where are you"
"Proceed with caution"
"Danger:flood zone"
"Final notice:bill past due"
"Keep it clean"

So I am pretty sure that you are right in that there are tons of hints in there somewhere.

m233676d ago

Wow, that was weird. We know it does have something to do with Halo.

evilmark2203676d ago

i have no idea but why have halo 3 in it

JustinSaneV23675d ago

*Puts on obvious cap*

Becase it's obviously based on Halo 3. That was a stumper.