AceGamez Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09'

AceGamez: "Tiger Woods 08 suffered from a twitchy, overly harsh control scheme, a hit-and-miss online component and a huge lack of improvements and new content over its predecessor. Don't get me wrong, it still played a decent game of golf, it's just that, of all the companies out there, especially of the high profile persuasion, EA simply can't afford to rest on their laurels if they want to fully win over their critics and make believers of the gaming public.

So, enter Tiger Wood PGA Tour 09; on the surface it might look like another borderline lazy instalment in the acclaimed franchise, but look a little closer and you will find a game that has been subtly - and brilliantly - refined to make it far and away the best game in the series, a game that quietly returns the series to its former glory. The control scheme is largely the same as last year's iteration, but Tiger Woods 09 proves to be a much more user-friendly affair. Gone are the days that saw anything but the most perfectly aligned shot ending up deep in the rough; TW 09 offers a more forgiving swing mechanic, combined with a host of new options and implementations to help even the most useless of videogame golfers find their way."

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