SuperData: Nintendo sells 2.4 million Switch consoles worldwide in first month

Research firm SuperData revealed today that its analysis shows that Nintendo has sold 2.4 million Switches during its first month of release. The home console/portable hybrid launched worldwide on March 3. SuperData noted that it collaborated with market researcher Gfk and the Japanese gaming publication Famitsu to come up with the figure.

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DrierofLeaves1521d ago

The Switch is on fire. Good job Nintendo, please keep up the momentum by releasing some great games.

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Erik73571521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

They still could not even keep up with demand. I have friends trying to get one right now.

Eonjay1521d ago

Its selling faster than Xbox One. This assures Microsoft that no matter what they can not take majority marketshare. The war is already over. Xbox would have to sell more than Sony and Nintendo combined. It wont happen and therefore this war is over. We xcan start over when PS5 releases. Cheers!

indysurfn1521d ago

Glad I fully pre-paid mine. My friends can't get one either. Told them!

Yeah I got tired of all the people claiming Nintendo was not making enough to meet the 1.5 million or 2 million launch window target. Lying, assuming, and judging their butts off. Now Actual data shows that Nintendo sold more than they even promised to ship! And the launch Window(3 months) is not even half over yet! And they have already SOLD more than the largest number they promised to ship. In your faces haters!

indysurfn1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

I have to be balanced on this....So in other news big names said dont read much into the PS4;s first day sales and I was against them from day one. Every step of the way PS4 is ahead of PS2 sales and even Sony fans are not able to see how good PS4 is going to do compared to the mighty PS2. Look at this DUMB ars technica article how wrong are they looking back at this dumb article! They said the EXACT SAME bs about how the Wii u did good on day one but failed. Maybe....JUST MAYBE they should see that WII U was THE EXCEPTION and not the rule. And stop thinking every systems starting sales should be ignored just because of ONE system WII U. PS4 is going to be record setting at the end just like it was on DAY ONE.

_-EDMIX-_1521d ago

@Eon- 'We xcan start over when PS5 releases" I don't even think thats enough for MS.

I feel they need more studios, either to buy some or build some from the ground up as their biggest issues is games. Switch shouldn't on paper even be beating XONE, but MS not actually releasing much pretty much ensures Switch will outsell XONE, if Switch is the only platform Nintendo supports going forward, I see it outselling XONE simply based on 3DS and Wii U numbers, even with some lost market share, they still outsell them, but I feel Nintendo still has work of their own.

They also need some more studios, they need to slow down on outsourcing as Star Fox was just utter crap, they need to build that trust back with more solid releases and they need to stop this stupid casual YOLO crap.

Splattoon 2 is a good example of what they should be doing. Its a sequel to another game that simply does more of what the other game did good.

Folks can cry about that game all day about how close it looks or plays to the first game, but do you guys legit want it even being different LIKE Star Fox different?

After all their stupid Yarn games and party spin offs or motion games no on asked for.....or Federation Force, what Nintendo needs IS SPLATOON 2! They need exactly just that to show that when you buy a sequel from them, it actually is the damn CORE CONCEPT of the actual series.

Ask yourselves this......if you could get Star Fox on Gamecube that was JUST a better looking Star Fox 64 with different levels, story etc, would you rather get that vs .....a Dinosaur Planet?

They need that trust, they need that structure. They can't go doing the stupid YOLO crap with ever game, I'm tired of it, their own fans are tired of it and clearly new consumers could care less about those games.

No one was asking for what they did for those games. I want Metroid Prime or a 2D Metroid, NEVER asked for a damn FPS MP game. This is just beyond ridicules. Nintendo houses some great IPs, its too bad they don't know how to use or even for gods sake respect them enough to let them be.

SPLATOON 2 is a start, its at least them showing they can be trusted to do a sequel for real.

jaymacx1521d ago

Starting sales are important and it is important that people outside the diehard fan base desires it as well. While Wii U had great starting sales, it didn't generate any buzz and was not hard to find on shelves. The Wii U launch in my local store was the saddest launch ever. I saw like 1 or 2 people come in and was nothing like how people were lined up for Switch. The problem with some of the critics/analysts is they base their predictions on the past and they really don't know what will happen. See, a lot of new players are buying Switch consoles. Many of them I have seen on reddit. They say I haven't bought a Nintendo system ever or they haven't in 10-20 years. Plus the Switch gets free advertising any time a owner brings theirs out in the public.

Kribwalker1520d ago


I did not know 2.4 was bigger then 3 would seem as if you are making false statements once again

mcstorm1520d ago

What i love are people who are saying Microsoft should be worried. Why should they? The Xbox one is outselling the 360 so this is a plus for them plus they are building a on something new with the Scorpio and heading in the a right direction. The ps4 is pulling off daft numbers like the Wii was so no one will catch them at this moment in time but with the Scorpio out later on this year and switch out now sales may slow for the ps4 but again we have to wait and see.

As for the switch amazing numbers for a console that has been blasted on this site. The console it's self is amazing ESP when you consider it's a handheld to.

All that said all 3 are doing very well right now and no matter if you a Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo fan boy/girl it's good for the industry. Just think if one of them came out the market someone like Apple would step in and for me would not be good at all. I want all 3 to do well and all 3 to bring out amazing g IPS this is happening and all 3 have been making changes to direct each conaole Sony for vr, Microsoft for 4k and 3rd party's and Nintendo to get a foot back in the market and it's looking like it's working for all 3 and long my that continue.

PurpHerbison1520d ago

@Eonjay, I wouldn't say the war is already over. I said that last gen halfway through the PS3 lifespan when it was a steaming pile of crap and to add insult to injury, they got hacked and PSN was down for awhile. However, they turned it around and PS+ was amazing. I NEVER expected Sony to come back. Never over til its over.

andibandit1520d ago


"The war is already over."

Well atleast you got one thing right.

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XanderZane1521d ago

Well that is a very nice start. Now we'll wait and see how many it sells in April, May and June worldwide.

What are you talking about? Maybe you haven't been keeping up on current events, but the Switch is a 9th generation game console. The Wii U was an 8th generation game console and is now dead. With no more Wii U's being made, the Wii U has finished last for the 8th generation. The Switch is not a mid-gen upgrade to the Wii U. It's a completely new game console. It's not even B/C with the Wii or Wii U in any way.

Well, they had already had 2 million for the launch in March and another 500K to start April. They are suppose to release another 500K for the last weeks of April worldwide. After that, I don't know what they will be releasing. Usually launch game consoles will sell 2-4 million in the first 3 months. It just depends on the supply and demand. By the time July & Aug rolls around we'll know if this is another Wii or another Wii U.

EddieNX 1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

wow so must be at or above 3 mil now were half way through April. Mario Kart, Arms and Splatoon will do wonders for sales in the coming months with the right advertising! The Switch is so much better then 3DS and Wiiu, love it.

Sm30001521d ago

In another article you really said ppl that don't have a switch should buy zelda anyway just to have it in their presence......smh

EddieNX 1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

In America that must must of been the case and that comment was clearly light hearted lol, lighten up bro. Its completely rational to think theyve probably hit 3m worldwide ?

EddieNX 1521d ago

"Just to have it in their presence" is clearly a joke ffs, gtfoh

_-EDMIX-_1521d ago

@Eddie- " is clearly a joke" Really? Can you blame him? You've stated some things about this system that are just questionable.

Thats your fault bud.

"Mario Kart, Arms and Splatoon will do wonders for sales in the coming months"

Yeah.....I doubt that very much.

They are not bad games, but I don't see them moving huge units for Nintendo.

Mario this fall, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter etc will do them wonders in sales, not what you listed.

pyroxxx1521d ago

I kinda want it,.. for Zelda,.. If it had DKS1/2 port,.. I would be all over this. Very glad it is doing well.

indysurfn1521d ago

You just wait you may get your wish!

Concertoine1521d ago

I think there was a rumor that a souls collection was coming.

TheDreamCorridor1521d ago

The PlayStation 4 did 2.1 million in two weeks so not bad for Nintendo.

PhoenixUp1521d ago

PS4 was available only in North America for two week before it was released in European and RoW territories

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1521d ago

of course there gonna be someone in the comment section to discredit Nintendo success anyway possible

Altovoltage1521d ago

PS4 did a million in 24hrs worldwide

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1521d ago

PS4 didn't launch in Japan til Feb 22, 2014

ABizzel11521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

That was North America alone. PS4 only launched in the US and Canada, and sold 1m in 24 hours. The PS4 didn't launch in EU until the 29th (2 weeks later), and JP almost 3 months later.

XanderZane1521d ago

That was only in the North American for the PS4. It launched in the U.S./Canada for the first 2 weeks. The XBox One sold over 1 million worldwide in 24hours. Sold 909K in the U.S. in 24 hours.

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PhoenixUp1521d ago

That's nice for NS.

In comparison 3DS sold 3.61 million in its first month during March without a huge system seller

_-EDMIX-_1521d ago


Looks like our guesses about this selling 30 to 40 million could probably be correct.

porkChop1521d ago

That's certainly true, though the 3DS was $50 cheaper. It also didn't have the failure of the Wii U looming over it.

I think if Nintendo could have somehow managed it, they should have launched it at $249. I think it's worth the price, but a lot of people might not and will probably wait for that $249 sweet spot.

Istolla1521d ago

They'd be selling at a loss since it costs $257 to make.

porkChop1521d ago

I know that, that's why I said if they could manage it.

indysurfn1521d ago

As bad as the Wii u was it NEVER DROPPED Price until a month after it was discontinued! By then it was only a few rare clearance of the last few systems. So good luck with that.

_-EDMIX-_1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Agreed. That would have been better for them.

"the 3DS was $50 cheaper. It also didn't have the failure of the Wii U looming over it" Agreed, 3DS basically won that battle.

If Nintendo don't release another portable to battle Switch, I think Switch will be fine.

@Istolla- yes, thats if you even believe the BS that the system even REALLY cost that to make.

Mind you, how does that even help you?

With the MAJOR about of market share Nintendo lost over the last 10 years, they need to come out GUNS BLAZING, $250 would be a very aggressive price and I think they would have been perfectly fine.

They can market it as a HUGE value, they are including an accessory to all users....

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XanderZane1521d ago

3DS is an awesome system. For some reason I own 3 of them. I need to sell one.

Bjorn-c-blocker1520d ago

That just isn't true. The 3ds sold less 400k in the US and only had a strong launch in Japan. The total was no where near 3.61 million.. where do you people get these numbers from?

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