AceGamez Review - Dragon Quest: The Chapters of the Chosen

AceGamez: "First up is Ragnar McRyan, a knight of some country, who couldn't be more Scottish if he were wearing a string vest, drinking Tenant's Super and eating a battered Mars Bar. It's not just poor old Ragnar who's living in Mel Gibson's "Scortland", though - everyone in Ragnar's world is a Rab C. Nesbitt-alike, complete with och aye's and d'ya ken's (in a similar way to the dwarves of Condie Petie in Final Fantasy IX, but far less cute). Ragnar is trying to find the "wee bairns" who have been kidnapped by some "evil beastie" - slay some monsters, find some items, befriend a jellyfish (yes, jellyfish - okay, that was a little unusual), save the children - it's all just as formulaic as you'd expect. The second chapter follows tomboy Tsarvena Elena, daughter of the Tsar, who just wants to be let off her royal leash and allowed to go on an adventure - again, formulaic if ever I heard it. Being the daughter of the Tsar, Elena and her people are very obviously supposed to be Russian. If you didn't get that though, you may actually start to believe that the game has been translated incredibly poorly from Japanese, but that's not the case - at the best it's a bunch of misguided stereotypes and at the absolute worst it's a little bit racist (if someone wants to read that into this game then I'm sure they could but I certainly don't think that was the intention). I think that's probably enough of the back story; needless to say, big nameless evil decides to take over the world, hears the prophecy of the young hero who will rise up and stop him (hence the kidnapping), the young hero turns out to be generic hero A and the secondary characters all join generic hero A to save the world. I'm sure you get the picture."

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PS360WII3673d ago

Bah this guy didn't take long to fail ^.- He said DQIV never made it outside of Japan which it did get to the US but I suppose he didn't know it was called Dragon Warrior back then ><

The way he makes it all generic can be done with basically every game out there too :( and the man takes every other game made after this one and talks of how Chapters is taking from it.... wow plus I guess he hasn't noticed the sound of this game is standard in all older Dragon Quest titles as well not clipped out from other games.

I don't usually hate on reviewers but this guy doesn't know anything about Dragon Quest :( oh icing on the cake "which are just as old-school but actually feel newer and fresher than Chapters, which is a brand new title." he thinks Chapters is a new title and not a remake of a NES game..? Even though he talked about how it was released on the NES in the 90's?

I don't mind the score I do mind the review because this guy is a moron ><