Bus Driver Suspended; Playing Video Games

The images are grainy. Denita Waltz used her cell phone to snap motion picture clips of a city bus driver.

"The whole experience was terrifying," she said.

Waltz said the driver of the Number 54 that goes between lower Pearl City and downtown wasn't just driving his route, he was playing a video game.

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crazy250003677d ago

i know its bad, but that title made me bust out laughing

Mr_Bun3677d ago

It would be cool if he were playing Grand Theft Auto.

Tarasque3677d ago

When you have to play Chains of Olympus on your PSP, you have to play it!

Kinetix3677d ago

He's a 18 year veteran of the game. He could do that, stop hating. LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.