Fallout 2 Hits GameTap

GameTap, a subscription-based gaming service, has announced that Fallout 2 is now included in its video game library. The addition of Fallout 2 brings the total number of games offered by the service up to 143.

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dxmnecro3679d ago

Definitely. There's nothing like catching a disease from a prostitute in a video game.

ChampIDC3679d ago

I need to get around to playing it someday.

Captain Tuttle3679d ago

It really is the best game ever.

Mr4023679d ago

Gametap is really becoming a little gem for older hard to find pc titles. Now if they would just get Silent hill 1 so I dont have to buy the damn thing for 40 bucks.

Vistrix3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Does Gametap do DRM free games?

If not, then GOG is your best bet. They have the whole Fallout collection, DRM free:

$6 each, yours to keep forever.

TheIneffableBob3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

The Gametap client is sort of the DRM. You get to play the games for free, but you have to use the client to play and you have to watch ads. I think it's fair.

If you don't want to go through that, then yeah, GOG is better.

LuvBurger3679d ago

I love Gametap. Possibly the best 10 bucks a month you can spend on gaming.

Zookeeper and Timepilot on my PC are pure bliss.

Now, THIS is something that Sony or Microsoft should think about hooking up with.

All those games playable through your 360 or PS3?? Sweet Jesus.