Media Molecule contest: LBP - Inspiration

Media Molecule writes on its official LBP site:
"Can anyone guess what this crazy machine is"

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DavidMacDougall3701d ago

I swear yesterday when i was playing LBP i joined a 360 level and someone took a picture of a 360 and when you walked near it all these red rings fell on you

christian hour3701d ago

haha Brilliant. Thankfully I've never gotten RroD. I've had my faithful 360 since launch day. Although lately i've been growing nervous... because... I don't think any 360 has ever lasted THIS long :P

Cannot wait for LBP. So jealous you're on the beta! *shakes fist*

Drekken3701d ago

The possibilities are ENDLESS. Hit me up tonight David, I want to see that board!

You got a name?

TANOD3701d ago

actually LBP is causing RROD at MS headquarters

i mean this game might even totally kill Wii

thewhoopimen3701d ago

I'm more impressed by the enthusiasm of the international community participating in the guess work. Guess LBP's got a worldwide appeal that really could translate to game sales.

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