NPD Group: PS4 Outsells Xbox One During March 2017 While Switch Takes Top Spot

GameRevolution: "First, it was confirmed that the PS4 outsold the Xbox One during the month of March. This marks the fifth month in a row that PS4 has led the Xbox One in sales within the territory. The last victory for Microsoft was last October, which was attributed to both strong first-party software as well as the recent release of the Xbox One S.

However, the top-selling gaming brand was Nintendo with its newly released Switch. The console is confirmed to have sold more than 500,000 units in North America alone during its first week on the market, and had more to show for it in subsequent weeks with speculated total sales during the month being around one million. Demand has outpaced both expectation and supply at a level that surpasses the record-selling Wii during the same length of time post-launch."

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PhoenixUp556d ago

Wasn't surprising NS would come out #1 in March. It'll be interesting to see who wins in April NPD though

lelo2play556d ago

Yep, Switch is first, PS4 second and X1 third. Everybody expected this.
Interesting to see the next few months. Will Switch keep it's pace? What impact will Scorpio have, if any impact at all? Will the PS4 continue to dominate?

uptownsoul556d ago (Edited 556d ago )

Congrats to Nintendo on their new hardware release. And of course PS4 was going to be in 2nd what with all the excellent games in late-Feb and all of March...Xbox will probably stay in 3rd until at least the holidays

GtR35olution556d ago

PlayStation nation as usual. Switch will be way down next time and in its third month will most likely be in last place with sales.

davand114556d ago (Edited 556d ago )

The people who are expecting the scorpio to make a big splash need to step back and reevaluate the situation. The Scorpio is ms' version of he ps4 pro. The console that is going to be ms main seller is going to continue to be the x1s. The scorpio is going to mostly be for the die hard xbox fan that will upgrade for the sake of upgrading. There isn't going to be enough of a reason for people to buy the scorpio over the x1s or to get a scorpio if they already have it. The ps4 and the switch are going to be strong throughout the year with a big boost during the holidays with the big first party title releases.

Nu556d ago

" Find out on the next episode of N4G Z...

JBaby343555d ago (Edited 555d ago )

I don't think Scorpio will make that big of an impact. It will mostly be for the hardcore gamer. It seems like a really well built console though. Looks like Sony will continue to dominate this gen.

rainslacker555d ago

I think Scorpio will do well on launch as well. but it will be the holiday season, and no doubt Sony will be competitive with the PS4, so it's hard to say which will come out on top.

I have no idea the longevity of Switch sales, but Nintendo is doing a lot of marketing for the system. Something that was woefully absent with the WiiU.

Ceaser9857361555d ago

For Scropio we have to wait till dec 2017 and jan 2018 ndp...

Apex13555d ago

I don't think many people expected this at all because they had no faith in Nintendo. You were probably one of them lol

badz149555d ago


The only impact that the Scorpio is going to make from now on is the tanking of Xbone S sales as MS slowly but steadily showing stuff that won't be available for S owners. VR is a start.

modelgod555d ago

The switch is already dead. It would have been downright embarrassing if the Switch wasn't #1 considering it's a brand new console. I'll give it until June then it will reclaim it's rightful spot. ..DEAD LAST!

indysurfn555d ago (Edited 555d ago )

I remember LOTS of people (not you Lelo2play) trying to say it is not shipping enough machines to win a month. Even though Nintendo double there manufacturing from 8 million in the first year to 16 million (that is a large number for the first year of a console).

As a comparison Xbox one sold 10 million by the end of it's first year:

PS4 sold 14.4 million by the end of it's first year. (yeah I know just showing facts)

vegasgamerdawg555d ago

Dominate? In home console sales niche? Pretty sure smart phones and Pc lead in sales and software dominating gaming. But, it's your world, your bubble. Enjoy it!

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Thatguy-310556d ago

The title is hilarious. Lol talk about putting lemon on a cut. Can't wait to see how the Xbox defense squad feels about this.

Nu556d ago

As an Xboxer I'd like to say that I'd be ok if Microsoft disappeared tomorrow.
Microsoft is managing their gaming division poorly. I'd be ok if Sony and Nintendo bought the Xbox brand and gutted it for whatever is salvagable.

omegaheat556d ago (Edited 556d ago )

Nu, that was probably the most pathetic post I've heard in a long time. "Xboxer" my ass. I choose not to game on PlayStation, but even then I don't want Sony to disappear from the gaming industry. Just pathetic.

ZeroX9876555d ago

well maybe some of them are waiting for the Scorpio right?

I mean, it's the only thing I see on ANY Xbox one news! why buy an X1 when Scorpio's coming?

Maybe that would explain the lower sales? judging by the comments, it's surely not because of the games.

JBaby343555d ago

I can't agree with you Nu. I've never owned an Xbox console but I don't want Microsoft or the Xbox brand out of the industry. For time and financial reasons I can really only have one console and PlayStation has always had more games I liked but competing consoles is good for us gamers.

Ceaser9857361555d ago


"'I'd be ok if Sony and Nintendo bought the Xbox brand and gutted it for whatever is salvagable."

That will destroy the competition.. Sony competes with MS over Nintendo.. As a gamer i'm happy that such competition exist. Since i own both the Pro and X1 i dont miss out on any games and such competitions brings in new games and new features... I'm looking forward to see how Sony reacts to Scropio.. Sony has always surprised me.. Can't wait for E3 baby!!

TheKingKratos555d ago (Edited 555d ago )

"i'm xboner" ? Lol
sound like porn movie

modelgod555d ago

About what? Nintendo launched a new console w/ Zelda as a launch title, pretty obvious it was going to sell the most units. In 2-3 months everything will go back to normal. What's there to defend? It's pretty damn obvious genius!

LexHazard79555d ago (Edited 555d ago )

@thatguy, how would they feel about it? I mean Xbox has been outsold 95% of time.
Said no xbox gamer ever.

Dragonscale555d ago

@zero 'its surely not because of the games' . What games?

fiveby9555d ago

@Nu I am more of a PS gamer although I own an X1. But I certainly don't want any company to go away. Competition is great for the industry and gamers. If Scorpio does reasonably well it will incentify Sony to respond. That's teh nature of competition. Monopolies are rarely a good thing for innovation.

uth11555d ago

I want to see Xbox brand continue under new ownership, and Microsoft get out. They suck.

VoodooProject555d ago

Nintendo dominate Sony like usual

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Chevalier555d ago

Switch sales remain strong. If the supply we get stays consistent I can see the Switch beating the Xbox One sales this year. I don't see the Xbox having a couple good months near the end of the year being good enough to beat Switch sales. Just based on the stock we've been getting and how fast it sells.

Ju555d ago

I can't seeXbox recovering until the Scorpio releases. MS basically torpedoed it's own console. XB1 could below $200 to be competitive, maybe. Scorpio will win Q4, I have no doubt at that.

modelgod555d ago

You can see the switch beating the Xbox this year? LMAO!!

iplay1up2555d ago

I just bought my XB1, because Switch did not have any games I had to have, I bought BOTW(most fun I have had gaming in years) for my Wii U and have MK8 (another FANTASTIC game). I really like XB1, and Games With Gold, has given me some great games over the past few months. Made it more than worth $24.95 for 3 months. I was NEVER a Microsoft XBOX fan, but the price was right, and I am happy with it. I do not think I will be picking up Scorpio anytime soon. This Holiday, Switch is my #1 Ultimate gift that I want! Then it will have Mario, Xenoblade X2, and Skyrim! I am one of the only people probably who have not played Skyrim, and I could pick it up right now, but I want it for Switch!!! Just those 3 games alone will have hundreds of hours in store for me....can't wait!!!

Chevalier555d ago (Edited 555d ago )

" You can see the switch beating the Xbox this year? LMAO!!"

Laugh all you want. Superdata just revealed 2.4 million sales in their first month for the Switch. That's roughly what 1/10 of what Xbox sold in over 3 years in a single month. They will probably hit 8-10 million sales this year so yeah it will outsell Xbox handily.

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Muzikguy555d ago (Edited 555d ago )

My guess would be that PS4 will be on top after this until Scorpio. I sure do love hearing about Xbox Live engagement hours. I also don't believe the PS4 and X1 numbers of 55million and 28million. It's 2:1 at LEAST, yet some sites downplay it

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FallenAngel1984556d ago

Why am I not surprised that Microsoft is still talking about Xbox Live engagement whenever NPD results get released

2pacalypsenow556d ago

The tune changes when they get a month, its common, nothing new

creeping judas556d ago

@ Fallen, was there an article for their March engagement? I must of missed it?

PhoenixUp556d ago

Did you not read this very article where Microsoft actually talks about it?

BecauseImBatman556d ago (Edited 556d ago )

I mean if it's what they care about, why does it matter ? An active User Base is a healthy one regardless of how many consoles they've sold. Which is a respectable number. Not nearly as good as Sony's sales but not bad either.

But anyway congratulations to Nintendo for a successful launch of a brand new piece of hardware and Sony's continued success as market leader. Will be interesting couple of months moving forward.

I find it interesting that they used a PS4 thumbnail for article, even though Switch was top selling console. And the way they worded the headline.

XanderZane556d ago

Yeah.. headline should say "Switch outsold PS4 and XBox in March NPD."
It just shows "" biased toward one platform.

Really nothing to see here. The results is pretty much what was expected. No surprises.

Tko1111556d ago

Because Xbox live subscribers matter more as well as psn. For instance sony sold 80 mil PS3 and 40ish mil PS4 and still don't have 50 mil psn subscribers. what would you rather online monthly subscribers or hardware sold. Preferably both but that doesn't seem to be the case

PhoenixUp556d ago

The 65 million active users recorded on PSN in April 2015 show that you're a fraud.

Obviously that number would be far higher by now. XBL hasn't even had 65 million active subscribers yet.

So yeah the case would that Sony does have both.

johndoe11211556d ago

"40ish mil PS4"

Why do so many xbox supporters come across as delusional raving lunatics? Is the lack of games killing your brain cells?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen555d ago

Do you enjoy making things up?
"PS4 has now cumulatively sold through more than 53.4*2 million units globally as of January 1, 2017."

That number is probably closing in on 60 million at the moment.

Dark_Knightmare2555d ago (Edited 555d ago )

One that's cute how you try to undersell ps sales especially PS4. PS3 sold over 80 million closer to 90 and PS4 is well above 40 million at last count it was 56 but it's most likely at 60 plus now. Second they have well over 50 million subs to plus so if you're going to troll or talk about something get some facts before you go puking your opinion up

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butchertroll555d ago

LOL at MS's PR. How low they can go? They're comical. Now, they combine one quarter for online hours on XBL. So, Xbone sales are so bad?

Quote :

So far only Microsoft has come out with a public statement regarding the results. Xbox Corporate Vice President of Marketing Mike Nichols shared the following:

"This past quarter, from January to March 2017, we saw record Xbox Live engagement with 1.1 billion multiplayer hours logged globally, a 14 percent increase year-over-year. Looking ahead, we are excited to share more about our plans for Xbox One, including launching the world’s most powerful console – Project Scorpio – alongside an amazing lineup of new Xbox One games. We are thrilled with the incredible response we have received to date for Project Scorpio, and look forward to sharing more about the Xbox One family of devices in the coming months."

MecheSlays555d ago

They make more money on xbox live than console anyways.

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Pancit_Canton556d ago (Edited 556d ago )

PS4 is doomed. Game Over man, Game Over!! /s (s stands for sarcasm, if you don't know) lol

I won't be surprised, if this continue till November.

DialgaMarine556d ago

Switch isn't going to remain #1 in the US for very long; maybe through April, but that's about it. Zelda hype won't sell the console forever, and the ports that it's getting between now and the release of Mario Odyssey won't have much effect.

Kribwalker556d ago

Mario kart coming in April and splatoon 2 is coming shortly after which the first one had big sales so the second can continue the trend

Nu556d ago

As long as Switch sells better than WiiU Nintendo should be ok.

DialgaMarine556d ago (Edited 556d ago )

@Krib Mario Kart 8 is a port, and Splatoon may have S old well, but it didn't push Wii U hardware. Splatoon 2 wont make a significant bump either. Most Nintendo titles these days don't. That's why Nintendo needs better third party support, something they clearly won't have.

wonderfulmonkeyman556d ago

I love how you erroneously assume the Switch won't show anything besides ports that people will want, which couldn't be further from the truth.XD
It's entirely possible for it to maintain a lead, especially if E3 goes well and Nintendo continues their stellar advertisement thus far.

C_Ali88555d ago (Edited 555d ago )

DialgaMarine I know you're no fanboy you enjoy video games in general but dude you sound bitter AF. Japan is going to eat MK8 deluxe and Spla2n up, you're delusional if you think otherwise. Arms is not a port and even if Spla2n started as a Wii U game it is no longer so quite frankly it is exclusive to the switch, no ands or buts about it. We haven't even gotten to e3 and you seem to know all the cards in their hands??? but you don't, so i'm pretty tired of hearing your pessimism....

Indiestation 4 would love to have a word with you about surviving on indies and ports (The Last of Us, GTAV, AC4, Bioshock:The collection, Batman: Return to Arkham, Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection, Tomb Raider, Etc... All Ports) Don't pretend to have some crystal ball, intelligence makes a good argument but it doesn't always make you right.

DialgaMarine555d ago (Edited 555d ago )

So you guys really think Switch's lack of games like Destiny 2, Battlefront 2, RDR 2, and (maybe) CoD WW2, aren't going to have a serious negative effect on it's sales?

DarkZane555d ago

Switch can't win April, it's simply not possible with the shortage of stock the thing has.

C_Ali88555d ago

I'm not saying not having some big 3rd party won't affect it adversely in some way, but you're mistakenly believing that is the be all end all, what you fail to account for is the fact that this thing will be flooded with Japanese titles, Ps4 is not selling well in Japan, it is expensive to develop for and it frankly isn't worth it in Japan, so it will get third party support. It works both ways.

Is not getting Pokemon killing Ps4 sales?, It didn't get Zelda and it seems to be fine. Exclusives sell consoles I have multiple ps4s for RdR2 and any other multiplatform game. I did not buy the switch to play same games as every freaking console and PC, I bought the Switch for the Monster Hunters, Pokemon, Zelda's, Jrpg's, Mario, games that will NOT be on every device under the sun.

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bluefox755556d ago

Of course a new console is going to outsell 4 year old consoles the month it launches, whether it can keep the momentum the way ps4 has is another matter entirely.

bluefox755556d ago

That wasn't a new generation of console, nor was it marketed that way, it was an updated version of an existing one.

Razzer556d ago

We are not talking about a midgen upgrade. This is like the release of PS5.

TheKingKratos555d ago (Edited 555d ago )

The way Microsoft PR sound like:
**yeah xbox sucked let's through a bone to xbox gamers by saying multiplayer hours that no one cares about and let try our luck again with Project Scorpio**

but the reality will hit them like a truck
gamers don't care about mid gen upgrades and all they want is games and value

stuna1555d ago

That's all you got? Same generation vs new generation!

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555d ago
InTheZoneAC556d ago

Let me see Switch numbers this time next year, first year should be irrelevant as we know it's going to sell

generic-user-name556d ago

Switch sells 500k units in March, it's launch month, in North America.

PS4 sells 1m on it's first day on sale in North America.

DialgaMarine556d ago

PS4 launched in only 2 countries its first week, and sold over 1.2 million units launch day. Funny how people still think Switch stands a chance at dethroning PS4.

fungusar556d ago

But there was not 1 million to switches sell

C_Ali88555d ago

Firstly, DialgaMarine, Sony abandoned Japan for 3 MONTHS and is why its selling pretty poorly in Japan. They did that to focus stock on countries that care for nothing but POWER... Not launch games or novelty of such games but those who would buy based on the power of 1.8 TF..... So to sell 1.1 millions in a day is impressive but they had to literally put all their stock into US/Canada.... Then Europe... Then Japan.... Allocation has a lot to do with how much a console can sell..... The Ps4 is great but it's sales are slowing. 55 million is not 88 like last gen or the 155 from Ps2 era.... To be crowning a king off 55 millions sold is a fallacy in and of itself and this is coming from someone who owns multiple ps4's...

Secondly, InTheZoneAC the First year numbers are not irrelevant each console launch is different and gains or loses momentum based on it's own factors. Saying something "will sell" because it just came out is pretty contradictory to what happened in the Ps2's case. It gained momentum throughout it's first year and beyond. Not to say that it's launch sales weren't great but it continually gained more and more sales. Whereas the Ps3 had a pretty abysmal start to life and the xbox 360 had a pretty good start, fortunes flipped around Playstation 3's second year and Xbox 360's third. So no the first year is not a wash but I do agree it takes more than just releasing a product for it to sell. and if the Switch turn out to be another Wii U then the first year is in fact NOT irrelevant.