LittleBigPlanet Is the Game the Playstation 3 Needs

GamersPlatform Writes:
"When LittleBigPlanet was first announced to appear on the Playstation 3, I was skeptical on how the game would turn out because the first batch of screenshots that was released to public made it look to be a Nintendo game, making it "childish". As months passed by and the features of LittleBigPlanet were slowly revealed to the masses, the hype for the game started, making people to believe LittleBigPlanet will be a system seller for the Playstation 3. With almost a month left before the release of LittleBigPlanet, MediaMolecule and Sony have released a Beta version to a select few to get a taste of what LittleBigPlanet has to offer...

...If Mario made a huge hit on the Nintendo platform, there is no doubt Sackboy will be the mascot Sony will have down the road. "

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Flops ''R'' Us3677d ago

I cant wait to finally get my hands on the most praised game of e3

Drekken3677d ago

Being in the beta I have to say.... AMAZING.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this game.

crazy250003677d ago

thats all i can say....but congrats too lol

ProblemSolver3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

This game is endless. I guess, we will play LBP X in 5 years
from now. I further assume that a lot of communities (message
boards, forums, etc.) will use LBP to express some kind of
hoax against laughable situations coming the gaming industry
itself. :)

TheTwelve3677d ago

They say this about every PS3 game. Uncharted was the game the PS3 "needs". MGS4 was the game the PS3 "needs". Peeps need to realize that Sony is, unlike other companies, not about ONE game or ONE mascot. They give you it all.


crazy250003677d ago

we are getting several amazing games, and they are all needed because it makes the gaming experience a whole lot better

PopEmUp3677d ago

whatever you've ask Sony will give it to you sooner or latter

Kratos Spartan3677d ago

Brilliant! This is why Sony never had a mascot, they have it all.

Nintendo: Mario
Microsoft: Master Chief
Sony: Everything else

SL1M DADDY3677d ago

Sony has a mascot that IS the every-gamer mascot. It can be or look like any mascot it wants. that is the joy of it all. Sackboy does not represent one mascot, it represents the community, the creativity that we gamers have. it represents me, you, and them. it is the every-gamers mascot.

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Crazyglues3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

this game will do at least 3 million copies easy...

aiphanes3677d ago

LBP and when God of War 3 comes out....will dominate the charts...FF13 we all know will sale more on the PS3 vs the Xbox 360...since Japan is just waiting for it...LBP will be even a bigger hit in Europe than anywhere else....but NA will love it too....lets hope the Asian contries like it too...and I belive they will.

LBP for the win.....nintendo and microsoft just wished they had this game...

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The story is too old to be commented.