TheSixthAxis Review: WipEout HD

TheSixthAxis "Despite what other sites like to think, we revealed the news that epilepsy issues were behind WipEout HD's delay, and that was after sitting on the story for a full 48 hours (you should see our 'draft' section, it's scary) - but rest assured, now that we've finally got WipEout on the hard drive, screaming along at 60fps in full 1080p we can forgive the slightly tardy release and the toned-down visuals, because after all the hype and press, Studio Liverpool have pulled off an amazing feat: getting the whole World emotionally invested in something we've all played to death before."

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killcycle3674d ago

Looking good, i personally think it deserves a 9/10 but i gues they're saving the 9/10's+ for the october period.

crazy250003674d ago

anyone wana challenge me? (:

thereapersson3674d ago

I would imagine that the rest of the game looks the way it was intended to look up on release, right?

Either way, this game deserves a 9/10! Wip3out forever!!!!!!!!

KazeRai3674d ago

I've never played WipEout but today i can't wait for this game...

Vitalogy3674d ago

but since wipeout 2097 for PSX i never touched again in this title so, i'm excited too.