The story behind Bungies New Game Annoucement. New title news imminent

Australian site, Xboxoz360-gamer, will be posting the new Bungie announcement as it happens. Background story to the big announcement.

"Bungie has been teasing gamers with the prospect of a new IP since E3 when their Official Announcement" was pull by MS Head Office moments before it was supposed to become public with the explanation that the announcement was for a "dedicated event" in the future and would serve no purpose if it was announced now. hmmm…."

"Well the Bungie site is again on countdown and will be made public 12 midnight September 25th Aust Eastern Pacific Time. That's the time we will be informing you all as to what the HUGE secret is all about. We'll keep right on the ball and as soon as it is revealed, the notice will go live for all to see. So we'll watch the clock for you, you just tune back in"


Well it’s a teaser trailer to a unspecified game which they have yet to announce a title. It has to be about the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. Its set in 2552 in New Mombassa. Clearly says Halo 3, so likely an expansion of sorts?

Easy access to teaser trailer for analysis.

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darkmurder3701d ago

Argh the suspense is killing me!

SL1M DADDY3701d ago

I would love to see them take Marathon to the next gen consoles.

psiom3701d ago

A new Marathon game would be made of so much win I can't even put it into words.

I'd love to see Bungie back in that space. I have a lot of respect for Halo but the story and events of the Durandal campaign were just [email protected]#king awesome.

I don't even care what platform. I'd buy a 360 for Marathon.

XboxOZ3603701d ago

Stick with us to find out what the new title is called, and check in to the site to find out info on what has been leading up to this.

Our aim is to save you all the fuss and supply you with as much information on it as possible. We'll sit by the countdowm for you, you go play the games and come back in an hour 19 mins

Immortal Kaim3701d ago

So it sounds like its more than likely the pulled E3 announcement? Not long now until the whole world knows. I will LOL if its only like a new map pack or something :)

InMyOpinion3701d ago

If it's not a new game it will be disappointing.

Dark_Vendetta3701d ago

Unfortunatly I think this has something to do with the new Update and the 10 secret achievements that will be unlocked the 25th at midnight.
We should see in a few minutes

m233701d ago

Just an hour and 15 minutes to go. We're almost there!

XboxOZ3603701d ago

I think it might be a different game, not a direct Halo game such as Halo 4 as some might think it to be.

But we will know in 1 hour and 5 mins.

The video is interesting though, hinting at thefact that the Halo fight is not over yet.


it would be funny if its a platform halo game for the DS or something.

not what i want, but i can imagine the bedlum that would follow.. lol

Immortal Kaim3701d ago

LOL I love that prediction, imagine the Halo fans.


i know... lol. i mean i am a halo fan myself, but it would just be so funny to the the reaction from the diehard fans.