Pocket Gamer: Hands on with Guitar Hero: World Tour on mobile

Travelling is as much a part of being a rockstar as making music. For every album comes a lengthy tour that sees you jetting all over the place to perform for rabid fans. Mobility, as it would be, is a cornerstone of rock and that only makes Guitar Hero: World Tour Mobile all the more pertinent. Rocking out to the near-complete game, it's evident this newest instalment travels into inventive new territory thanks to a slew of genre-pushing features.

Two distinct campaigns set World Tour apart from previous instalments, allowing you take on either lead guitar or drums. Playing guitar gives you control of three frets, whereas a fourth note track is added when playing drums for the kick pedal. Each row of keys is tied to a note track, so the three rows of numerals correspond to the strings on your guitar. The bottom row, which includes the star and pound keys, is used for the kick drum when playing drums.

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