AMD may have leaked Halo 3 for the PC, artwork showcased during its Korean R5 launch event

AMD held a launch event in Korea for its new R5 CPUs. So, during that event, AMD showcased a video with some upcoming games for the PC platform. What’s really interesting here is that AMD included an artwork from Halo 3, suggesting that this classic Halo game will finally come to the PC.

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mochachino553d ago

MCC on PC and Halo 5 would be amazballs. I don't even care about the MCC multiplayer just want the series.

ninsigma553d ago

I'd love MCC on PC! Had it on Xbox One and after it got fixed up it was great!

mikeslemonade553d ago

Halo 3 is overrated. Since Halo 2 that series and universe is crap. Bungie sucks. Bungie not even a top 50 developer. I can count more than 10 shooters series that are better in the modern era.

It's just the fan service that defends this game.

Razzer553d ago

Same here. Would love to see MCC on PC. Make it happen, MS!

Deep-throat553d ago

Give me MCC and Sunset Overdrive on PC. They also should update it for the Scorpio.

Erik7357553d ago

Original halo thing I have ever played. Will play it 100 times more if it comes to pc

_-EDMIX-_553d ago

I can't say the same for myself.

I really love the first Halo, thought Halo 2 was ok but didn't like the smaller levels, thought Halo 3 was meh and that was it. I progressively just moved away from the series and realized that Halo 1 was the only Halo I really liked tbh.

I'd love MCC on PC as I'd at least see me playing a lot of Halo 1 MP! I prefer Halo 1 on PC then on XB. Gearbox did an AMAZING job on the PC version of that game, so much so many people thought MS would hire Gearbox to replace Bungie back when those rumors came up that Bungie was leaving (turned out to be true as they did leave)

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freshslicepizza553d ago

Hope so with a visual upgrade

552d ago
StifflerK553d ago

Halo 3 Anniversary?
Halo 3 originally launched in 2007, so this year would be it's tenth .
Halo 2 launched 2004 , MCC (including H2 Anniversary was 2014).

_-EDMIX-_553d ago

LOL! Good eye! Never even thought about that until now.

Derceto553d ago

Would love to see Halo 3 get the anniversary treatment. Here's hopin this just may be the case.

shiva1552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

I am all in H3 anniversary 😱 but had to kill that excitment when Phil said there wont be Halo for launch. Did he mean H6 or anniversary

H3 anniversary at 60fps. Valhalla map....😵😵. Am ready for this anniversary. Day one purchase.

AizenSosuke553d ago

So MS lost their selling game

_-EDMIX-_553d ago

Well to be fair, Halo has been on PC before and its not as if this is a shock to anyone.

Consider they've already confirmed they are bringing all their games going forward to PC as well as XB. Why not release the older ones? Consider Halo 3 isn't selling 360's anymore bud, it would hurt MS to not do this, then help.

This is a good move.

KillBill552d ago

How did they lose anything? MS can sell their games anyplace they want. Not imagining that them selling it on their Windows 10 platform as any kind of loss to MS.

AizenSosuke553d ago (Edited 553d ago )

Save MS JK

slavish0553d ago

U r bad at trolling 👎

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