Naughty Dog Wants “To Top” Horizon Zero Dawn’s Graphics; “This is the Bar Now”

Naughty Dog’s creative director, Neil Druckmann, believes Horizon Zero Dawn’s visuals are simply stunning and states that Guerrilla Games has set a new “bar” which he wants to top with The Last of Us Part II.

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Relientk772122d ago

I'd love to see Naughty Dog top it.
Nothing like some good ol friendly competition

uptownsoul2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

Exactly...This is what drives great games...Friendly competition between Guerrilla Games & Naughty Dog...THIS WILL BE GREAT FOR PLAYSTATION!!!

Irishguy952122d ago

"Exactly...This is what drives great games"

Woah, thought you were about to finish that statement with graphics xD

Kaneki-Ken2122d ago

I remember back in old day, when Insomniac & NaughtyDog were having a competition against each other but now NaughtyDog evolved and went ahead in terms of story telling, graphics, and gameplay while Insomniac went on a different route which they stay the same on making their gameplay, Story fun.

mikeslemonade2122d ago

Do it with TLoU2!

But most likely they will fal short with PS Poor parity holding back.

guyman2122d ago


Enjoy halo and forza on the scorpio.. for the 20th time

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2121d ago

I still remember when the first gameplay was revealed at E3 for Horizon Zero Dawn and Xbox fans were so dumbfounded by the quality of graphics they began claiming that the game was running on a PS4 Pro BEFORE THE PRO WAS RELEASED.

You must be proud to be associated with such people.

Dragonscale2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

@mikes, you must be really looking forwards to playing all those last gen games on scorpio right. Have fun.

frostypants2121d ago

It won't just be Playstation either. Don't think for a second that devs like CD Projekt Red haven't taken notice.

Hozi2121d ago

Crash Bandicoot VS Spyro the Dragon, Final Fantasy ix vs Legend of Dragoon, ....those days of friendly competition were some of the best.

Kingthrash3602121d ago

Mike. Why?
Smh just set yourself ip for failure

darthv722121d ago

@all above... you guys are to funny that you don't even realize lemonhead isn't on team xbox. He is team sony and has a disgust for anything xbox related. But because he makes such comments like 'ps poor' you assume he must be on the other side. He is just always sour (hence the name) no matter what but seriously.... he is more pro sony than he is anti xbox, and he is pretty anti xbox all the time.

He played you all and you bought into it.

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BecauseImBatman2122d ago

It's good to see competition between internal studios, competition drives quality. And ofc it's all friendly cause they all work towards the same goal. Giving great content to their fans.

Ceaser98573612122d ago


"Do it with TLoU2!

But most likely they will fal short with PS Poor parity holding back."

Did you even watch if not play Uncharted 4, Killzone shadowfall, The Order 1886 and even Zero dawn looks great on the stock PS4 ...

jaseo2122d ago

And GG want to top ND's facial animation :)

frostypants2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

What's weird is some characters in HZD had amazing facial animation. But it was inconsistent from one NPC to the next. Literally the only graphical shortcoming of the game, and it's a minor one.

DarXyde2122d ago

It's actually pretty possible for two reasons.

1. Don't forget now, The Last of Us is a linear experience. This is not at all a bad thing, but it means they don't need to render an open world. I imagine that would allow them to craft environments with greater detail. In terms of visual fidelity, I think The Order: 1886 sets the bar. Extremely linear, but I think it lends some credibility to my assessment. And as great as Horizon looks, I still believe Uncharted 4 looks at least AS good.

2. Definitely don't forget: Horizon released before Sony reduced the OS footprint of the PS4 to free up resources. That'd allow for Naughty Dog to squeeze out more power. I can imagine that would work even better for the PS4 Pro.

If Naughty Dog created an open world game though, that would make for a fascinating comparison. Either way, the talent of both studios is astronomical. Sony has some serious firepower with these two.

Sevir2122d ago

Wait Sony reduced the Memory footprint for the PS4 OS?

DarXyde2122d ago


Not that I know of. I mean to say that they likely can or will by the time TLOU Part II releases.

Ceaser98573612122d ago

ND will be one of those devs out there to bring photo realism gfx.. Such talented studio.. Cant wait to watch TLOU P2 gameplay this E3 ...

JBaby3432122d ago

If anyone can top Guerrilla, it's Naughty Dog. Two fantastic studios!

Mr-Dude2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

The salt in this tread is real... And it's not from Sony fans.


I think TLOU2 will shine in graphics, gameplay and story again, it will be ND's PS4 swansong. Just like last gen.

Muzikguy2121d ago

Friendly competition is great. Even more so when we reap the benefits of it. I'm sure ND will do a great job. Hell, GG may even work with them on it who knows.

Monkeysmoke2121d ago

Santa Monica still can raise the bar even higher with the latest God of War engine.

2121d ago
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Darkwatchman2122d ago

I don't think it'll be hard when last of us part 2 will be a linear game coupled with naughty dog being one of the most technically accomplished studios in the industry. Making it look better than Horizon, an open world game, should be very doable for a studio like Naughty Dog. I can't wait to see what the pro versions of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and The Last of Us Part 2 look like in person. Hopefully Naughty Dog will go all out and fully embrace the hardware as opposed to the basic 1440p resolution bump for uncharted 4.

DialgaMarine2122d ago

Uncharted 4 was linear, but had open level design, and ND has stated that Lost Legacy will be even more open. I'd say it's a good sign they're gonna take the same approach with TLoU2. It's obviously very unlikely that TLoU2 will be seamless open world like Horizon, but I can see it having that feel at least, all while the game looks phenomenal like every other ND title.

frostypants2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

I may take heat for this, but I'd rather have 1440p and insane focus on graphical assets and effects than 4K, if a trade off comes into play. 4K is nice but you're dedicating a ton of horsepower bandwidth to something that amounts to a moderate difference to the eye (unless you sit really close to your TV).

They'll no doubt target 4K though, because most people demand it. I just don't agree with the trend. I'd rather we get games as close to photorealism as possible before worrying about upping resolution to absurd levels.

Darkwatchman2121d ago

I don't know. I'd prefer them to target more in the 1600p range than 1440p for the extra image clarity and then use the remaining resources for improved assets because Horizon Zero Dawn achieves the 4K image by using checkerboard rendering with a starting/base resolution of 3200x1800(higher than the 1600p I'm asking for) and yet still has improved texture filtering and textures on top of that and performance that is no worse than the ps4 original. If Guerilla Games can achieve that, then Naughty Dog can achieve a 1600p resolution with improved visual effects

Kurdishcurse2122d ago

Come on naughty dog...if theres something u to top horizon in its gameplay. Your graphics is more than enough ND, but your gameplay department is quite lacking compared to horizon.

Sunny_D2122d ago

The gameplay is fine. They target different types of gameplay than what GG accomplished.

jwillj2k42122d ago

I disagree, I loved the last of us and UC but the characters feel stiff compared to aloy.

Kurdishcurse2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

Naah. The gameplay in the uncharted series and last of us gets dull and repetitive after a while. Having only about 5-7 enemy types per game in both the series doesnt help either.

Uncharted particularly, is quite guilty of that aspect, since you basically fight the same enemy type for the whole series, (soldier, sniperman, rocketman, running man etc its all the same sh*t but different waves and combinations) with the exception of the rare supernatural enemy.

Tlou had fantastic and unique enemies, but i still felt it lacked in enemy variety. Well imo anyway.

jwillj2k42120d ago

I'm talking about character fluidity and how it feels to control them and you send me a graphics video lmfao smh.....

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Sunny_D2122d ago

Look at the setting of each game. Horizon is able to pull off the enemy types because of the time period and fantasy setting it had. Different robot dinosaurs would make it easy to have different types. Uncharted takes place in a modern setting with light fantasy elements. The games are more about the narration and amazing set pieces as well.

UCForce2122d ago

Oh really ? Look at Uncharted 4 gameplay.

TheLEGENDofTydo2121d ago

Gameplay in Horizon got boring FAST. Oh yay time to kill my 1000th watcher with my like 6 weapons

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AcidDvl2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

Horizon has top notch graphics for an open world. It's amazingly impressive.
But Uncharted 4 and the Lost Legacy both feature better graphics than Horizon, but that's to be expected when comparing a linear game to an open world.

I see a lot of people claiming that Horizon tops Uncharted and the standalone title, but man, that's not true.

It's remarkable what Guerrilla achieved with Horizon, one of, if not the best looking open world, but Uncharted has better details, textures, animations and so on. They have the benefit of building a smaller level and packing it with graphical power.

Once again, that's to be expected from a linear game and does not retract any merit from Guerrilla. They're just different games and that's ok.

MyDietEqualsGames2122d ago

ND will have to expand the scope of their games if they want to be on GG's level.

lazyboyblue2122d ago

For what its worth I agree.

jasonismoney2122d ago

Absolutely agree. Horizon is incredible, but put some screenshots or video side by side and you'll see how right you are.

Kleptic2122d ago

I've felt GG was one of the world's best developers, as far as rendering tech goes, since early 2009...

but ND runs an extremely close second.

If I had to pick a single game that highlighted the best of the best visually from last would be killzone 2, with uncharted 2 running a very close second. I think Uncharted 2 was overall the better game, but as far as the tech related to the visuals, and what was accomplished with lighting and animation...killzone 2 does things that an alarmingly high amount of current titles still 'skip'. Literally every light made shadows, the 'ballet of death' when plugging any enemy, the procedural texture changes, Rico (kidding)...that game has aged better than any from the era imo...all out of a system with half a gig of memory.

So I'd never argue on who makes better titles...I don't even own a PS4 right now, but what these two developers are capable of doing on whatever hardware they're working's the envy of EVERY developer. You put GG in a linear scope, it's going to be unfathomably gorgeous. You put them in an open world setting, they'll still set standards (as they just proved)...but...It's a very tough debate to objectively say ND couldn't, or more importantly...won't...matc h it.

JBaby3432121d ago

We'll said Kleptic. GG made a name for themselves with Killzone 2. Their deferred rendering engine was incredible. The lighting, poly's, animation, volumetric effects, etc. That being said, if anyone can top Guerrilla, it's Naughty Dog. Both studios are extremely talented.

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