Payday 2 announced for Nintendo Switch

Surprise! Nintendo Switch is getting its own version of Payday 2.

The four-year-old first-person shooter released back in 2013 for PC. Its new Switch version is slated for "winter" this year.

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Atomicjuicer551d ago


I can think of many other games I'd port before this.

MrMagz551d ago

For the record, Overkill Software doesn't really have that many games that they could port. PayDay is the biggest franchise they have, so I don't think it's that we are getting PayDay 2 over say a Tom Clancy or Battlefront or something like that.

551d ago
Testfire551d ago

I think a lot of people are under the impression that Nintendo controls which games are and aren't ported to their system. Yes, they are the gatekeepers, but they don't have control on other companies plans.

_-EDMIX-_551d ago


Glade I wasn't the only one that saw the flawed logic in that one.

Erik7357551d ago (Edited 551d ago )

Can't really think of a bigger game that they could port

BlackTar187551d ago

i went back to this game on PS4 when i bought it on sale for $4 and it has not aged well imo

PFFT551d ago

Well at least its something.

AcidDvl551d ago

Prepare for an unoptimized, low frame-rate mess full of microtransactions (developers fault actually, the PC version is highly unoptimized). Plus, lagging teammates because there's no Ethernet port.

Testfire551d ago

In console mode there are ethernet adapters.

AcidDvl551d ago

Yeah, that you need to purchase aside, because there's no Ethernet port build in the dock.

Testfire551d ago

Whether included or not, it doesn't change the facts, so don't try and move goalposts.

Erik7357551d ago

Well....dont play pc gaming franchises on console then I guess is the solution

AcidDvl551d ago

That's not the point. Even on PC the game is poorly optimized.

sk8ofmnd551d ago (Edited 551d ago )

Yay a game from august 2013! Let me run out and buy a switch for this gem /s

On the flip side, its a newer 3rd party release than skyrim (nov 2011).

When nintendo said 3rd party support these are the types of games we were all thinking of 😂

Whos willing to bet it will have a +50$ pricetag.

Erik7357551d ago

But but I can play it on the go, something that no other version of this game can do!

Goldby551d ago

let me know how that internet connection works while you are playing pay day 2 on the go in a subway

_-EDMIX-_551d ago

smh, so laptops just don't exist in your world huh?

someone72550d ago

Im excited to have an fps on the go. Where I live(Hong Kong), our subways, buses, trains, etc... all have 4g lte 55mb or faster connections with unlimited data and low latency.

So the go aspect is huge. Not a single proper alternative.(vita fps games suck)

AcidDvl551d ago

They also have World of Goo from 2008! It's clearly worth 399 bucks! /s

R00bot551d ago

What. Who ever even implied World of Goo was worth getting the console for? That's Zelda's job.

R00bot551d ago

Payday 2 came out on the PS4 recently too, but nobody batted an eyelid then. A system getting a game should never be twisted into a negative thing imo.

TekoIie550d ago (Edited 550d ago )

Well, that's cuz it's on "their console" buddy.

In all seriousness though I never saw people point out similar when diablo 3 was announced for PS4/Xbone 2 years late but w/e. I guess there's a little hypocrisy there.

As for the release of Payday 2, i dont mind it. I enjoyed it on PC but dunno if I wanna double dip. I have 2 friends with Nintendo Switches so if it has local Co-op I think I'll pick it up. Otherwise ill pass.

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