ARMS And Splatoon 2 Headline Nintendo Direct

Nintendo has announced their pending Nintendo Direct Lineup will feature some upcoming games and more. A new set of images and details has been posted for fans eager for more content for the Nintendo Switch.

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Bronxs15557d ago

Just finished watching yesterdays direct and wow are Nintendo just lazy or what? In a world where devs are making games for PC , xbox, and playstation, ios and android. and not just making games, making complex game with complex engines, things dynamic scaling resolutions, hdr, engine scalability where games scales to the system hardware. Why can’t Nintendo get it together and make games that will run across wii u / 3ds and now switch? Like honestly that new 2d pikmin game shouldn’t only be on 3ds, what’s stopping in from being on wii u / switch? Obviously wii u is dead now, but I don’t just mean right now, why didn’t’ they do this from before when wii u was their active system? Like why wasn’t there a hd version of new leaf on wii u? When wii u was on life support with nothing to play for months why didn’t Nintendo port some of all those kriby games on 3ds for example. Nintendo seems hopeless sometimes!

Omg Nintendo. Are there any Canadians here? All I can say is the look and presentation of ARMS makes me feel like I’m looking at TREEHOUSE (Canadian preschool channel with such shows as Dora and Max and Ruby) “MINMIN! Minmin is one spicy noodle fighter” wow. Who is there target audience right now? “beat the sauce out of your rivals, anyone else getting hungry? Sorry I lost my self there” wowwwwwwwww those are quotes from the presentation.

Mario kart deluxe.. sad how they are highlighting multiplayer options like a private game with friends.. things new to them but have been standard for years on other platforms.

Sonic forces looked decent though.

Way to build hype for your new system Nintendo. Nothing to generate buzz like a new monopoly game. I’m interested to see the sales boost the new monopoly game will bring to switch. Plus a new rayman legends. What a oxymoron that is.. “new” “rayman legends”

Neonridr557d ago

if you want a Pikmin game for Wii U go play Pikmin 3, it's fantastic. We will see a new Pikmin game on Switch in due time. You can't just expect every game to release on every platform Nintendo has.

MK8 is a fantastic game, and these new modes and features only makes a great game even better.

can't please some people. People gripe because there aren't enough games. Then Nintendo shows a whole bunch of games aimed at different people, then the same people complain because there weren't enough "hardcore" games.

give me a break.

Bronxs15557d ago (Edited 557d ago )

i did play pikmin 3 back in 2013 when it was released. sorry for suggesting nintendo support their platforms with more and new games. "don't need any new games when i already have a an old fantastic one." what kind of mentality is that!? why do i need a new metroid prime game? i have 3 old ones i can play./s

Nintendo probably doesn't disagree with you though. They're known for doing things like this.. "hmm people would like a new pikmin game for the switch..hmm, we already have a good pikmin game hmmm lets release pikmin 3 on virtual console and they can buy it again..hmmm yes that sounds good."

i'm just saying nintendo needs to adopt a new strategy, i've purchased all their systems for a while now, and each time less and less people do (exception wii) but so far they are now loosing me too. just my opinion your free to disagree.

Garethvk557d ago

I was not going to buy a Switch but got onr on impulse for my wife when I found skme at Beat Buy. We used it on our trip to cover Wondercon but it has sat on the shelf for two weeks now. Like the Wii U tgere was not much in the launch eindow that interested me.

557d ago
Bronxs15557d ago

thats another thing nintendo is known to do. restrain supply to generate artificial demand. google it and you can see they did it with the wii, amiibo and nes classic.

Garethvk557d ago

I figured whwn the Fall titles come there will be more of interest so holding onto it for now. Will use it on the road to E3 and San Diego Comic Con. I think on the flight to and from PAX and on our cruise in October it will be nice.

Erik7357557d ago (Edited 557d ago )

Arms looks way better than I thought it would, the 2 v 2 looks fun.

You will be getting one of these every month. This isn't a e3 press conference lol and its more than you see out of playstation/xbox if this is every month.

Realplaya556d ago

Ummm you want to sell 3ds systems but you want them to put the game on the switch. Get over yourself.

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