Why the PlayStation 5 Isn't Coming Out Anytime Soon

Playstation 4 has been super successful this generation. But, with the
reveal of the Xbox Scorpio, many sites are claiming that Sony's next line
of PlayStations is not just underway. But, coming out by the year 2018.
Poli Games hot Joseph, tackles this question to find the truth. That the

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Army_of_Darkness1570d ago

Yeah better not, considering how I've invested in the pro only a few months ago!

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UltraNova1570d ago

2020 sounds about right, anything sooner will be a dissapointment. Then again who knows maybe MS brings the heat (good games) and they pose a serious threat to Sony forcing them to act.

Interesting times ahead!

mikeslemonade1570d ago

Even as a pro owner I want the PS5 to come out as soon as possible.

Benchm4rk1570d ago


Same. I only got the Pro in January. I still believe we won't see a PS5 or Xbox 4 until at least holidays 2020. The PS4 is still selling huge numbers. The PS4 Pro is still a powerful machine that looks good on a 4K display and a majority of people still only have 1080P tvs. I think it will be a few years before 4k tvs are more widely adopted and then we will see a PS4 ad Xbox 4

TheKingKratos1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Oh they better not
i just bought ps4 early last year and this gen took soo damn long to start already
i swear Sony you do that and i will burn your most important thing....Neil Drunkman beard.

morganfell1570d ago

Although a PS5 announcement at E3 would be hilarious, I would rather Sony keep pumping that money into what matters - games. The PS4 gets the job done handily.

You see the competition doing a lot of things that are little more than desperation clothed as fan service. The moves may be great but notice what they aren't. These moves are not the moves that matter at the end of the day. The moves are not new IPs and games that have been here this year, that are here now, that are coming this year. Instead they are the sort of things a company wouldn't do unless their feet were being held to the fire.

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donthate1570d ago


I don't think it is MS that is desperate, but some fanatics that are extremely salty and desperate. The heat is intensifying. Why would you be so scared? Why do you feel backed into a corner?

I know E3 is around the corner, and I know for many it is a time of sadness, but if you are a true gamer you will welcome all news from all platforms. Rejoice!

Looking back, when the Xbox One got beaten, it was the most amazing thing for Xbox as God gave us Phil Spencer and look how that turned out. It could happen to Playstation too and it might be happening at Nintendo too. Competition is good! As a gamer, you should rejoice at the competition.

darthv721570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

I just got into the PS4 this last November, it doesn't matter when you join the club because things are always moving forward. PS4 came out in 2013 and we are in 2017 now. That's 4 years since it released and in such time they had their "mid gen" release of the Pro. which was at around the 3 year mark. If they call it "mid gen" then that means in 3 years time from that point would be the next release.

Hence the PS5 would likely come out in 2019. 6 years from the release of the initial system and staying in line with the average of 4-6 years between console generations. Now if the PS5 comes out in 2019 then it is likely that a PS5 Pro would be 3 years after that (if Sony would do such a thing again).

companies like Nintendo, Sega and even MS have had console releases anywhere from 4-5 years and even longer (360 to the xb1 was 8 year) so a new system from Sony at 6 is fair to assume. Bottom line is technology is increasing, and consumer demand is increasing while patience waiting for new games and systems is shortening.

Ju1570d ago

Why do we need a PS5? Why can't we have another PS4 iteration with PS5 specs?

ShadowKnight1570d ago

I'm going with fall 2019 when Sony will Launch the PS5. They'll announce it at E3 2019

RosweeSon1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

You got 3 years minimum I reckon for Sony anyway... Xbox might crack 2019... switch is on course for 2021... they have a clear pattern with their release years. They always are between 4/6 years and this next gap is due to be 4 years 🔮 😂.

Nintendo do what they want tho so could release it any where and any when but 2021 me thinks.

That and Sony are on what 50-60 million.. they aiming for 100 million minimum they not going Ps5 for another 2-3 years minimum Japan Christmas launch 2020 rest of the world 2021 earliest. 🔮😉
Either way I'm more than happy with this gen for next 2-3 years minimum I might get through this backlog 🤔😉✌🏻&# 128377;🤓

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Ceaser98573611569d ago

PS5 will get announced in around 2019 E3 or most likely around 2020

morganfell1569d ago

Judging this generation against past generations is ridiculous. Particularly when so much has be done that literally flies in the face of past patterns. Sony made profits on the PS4 almost from Day 1. I think they are going to surprise everyone on how soon they announce. It won't be 2019. Instead earlier. One of the chief reasons being the PS5 will be backwards compatible with all PS4 titles.

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FinalFantasyFanatic1570d ago

I'd like a few more years with my PS4, I really like it and the games have been pretty satisfying, I would not be interested in buying it's successor anytime soon.

Ju1570d ago

Nobody even knows how such a successor would even look like. I do not see a reason why it would abandon PS4 support, for example. Technologie has changed dramatically. I think we are at a "platform family" rather than a single new platform these days. A new box could easily be backwards compatible (and the PS4 could be forward compatible).

S2Killinit1570d ago

I think its coming out in 2019. In a mere 2 years time.

Obscure_Observer1570d ago


Yeah. Screw PS4Pro owners. /S

S2Killinit1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

What? No, the end of 2019 isnt scewing any Pro owners(im a happy owner). the system would have been out for 3 years by that time, also it seems the next consoles will be working along side the previous model. So the Pro owners will get support along with PS5. I dont know i maybe wrong. I guess i wasnt saying anything different from the video, he thinks 2020. I think 2019. Which sounds far but really isnt. We are already halfway done with 2017.

ziggurcat1570d ago

It's 2020 at the very earliest.

Sam Fisher1570d ago

But look at it this way, after skorpio the next thing is next gen and sony is a head of the game now and great timing, bc it would suck ass that skorpio comes out and next gen around the corner, they would have to shoot themselves in the foot and go next gen abruptly yet again. Unless skorpio is secretly future proof but its ms they only care about the now not the future

XanderZane1570d ago

Right. Thank you Captain Obvious ( PS4 won't be out until end of 2019 at the earliest if they are lucky. 2020 seems more likely though. I won't have my PS4 Pro until the end of the year.

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Bigpappy1570d ago

If Sony brings PS5 too soon, it would be competing with Scorpio. The thing is, what would be innovation would it bring that is not already being done by Scorpio?
I think they need to think about an innovative console that would advance Gaming to a new level, not a Scorpio rebuttal.

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Jc951570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

2019 is a strong possibility in my book,
and I know what your thinking...
why when PS4 Pro just came out?
-Because Sony has even more of a reason to release it before 2020 since Scorpio is going to be graphically superior.
(By the way, I still believe graphics don't make a console).

nevarDcirE1570d ago

But the console makes the graphics

joab7771570d ago

And 4k 60 fps is a great target.

UltraNova1570d ago

And yet games make or break the console.

1570d ago
SourtreeDing1570d ago

graphics isnt everything.. and im sure PS4 will still have incredible graphics

ShadowKnight1570d ago

And incredible games in the future

1908-PB1570d ago

Surtreeding--If graphics isn't everything then why did you buy a PS4 then ? Your comment makes no sense

UltraNova1570d ago


Ehmm I dont know...the games, maybe?

1570d ago
1908-PB1570d ago

UltraNova----so you are telling me you spent 400$ on two games and they aren't even good games, to begin with it's not like how i bought a PS4 to play persona and yakuza at least i can say those games are worth spending the money for, but Killzone and knack? lol come on man stop lying just say you bought your PS4 just because it looked a little better that MS console.

TejasTV1570d ago Show
1908-PB1570d ago

TejasTV---- I'm a fanboy for what ? because the last time i checked i owned a PS4 pro so you are telling me i can't talk about the games on the platform i own ?

BlackTar1871570d ago

You know why most people who have gamed for a while buy PS? Cause PS has for 3 generations before the current have provided the games and that has always been so consistent for PS.

It's the same reason PS fans like to see what games are 2-3 yrs out cause we know PS has the games so we don't have to fret about games being shown early it is actually a positive for us cause in our minds there is no doubt between now and that 3yrs we will be taken care of with quality games.

I want to see the future because i know the present is already taken care of.

BlackTar1871570d ago


Please tell us why you bought your Xbox one LOL for Ryse? or what lol.

UltraNova1570d ago


No i didnt buy the ps4 for two games, I bought it because of the endless stream of great games Sony would pump out for it throught its lifetime. I invested in the ps4 and guess what i got my moneys worth and then some.

Nice try though...

RosweeSon1570d ago

New tricks are learnt every day so in the twilight years of the console they'll still be banging out great looking games we all saw god of war at end of ps2's life and looking high def minus the high def haha. Looked incredible and then grab turismo did same on PS3 when it's finished no we still releasing top end games, sure probably as gran turismo is always so late to party with various delays etc but if it's not ready it's not ready...

Ps5 is not ready ✌🏻

SourtreeDing1570d ago


i dont have a Ps4 i have an xbox one..
ill pick up a PS4 whena PS4 pro bundle comes out or by the End of june

that was a stupid question you asked me..
and ive never been a graphics whore. i do appreciate a good looking game tho but ill never bitch about why my game doesnt do 1080p or 4k

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OB1Biker1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Game development will decide when PS5 is needed because there's no need of a PS5 if there's no game exclusively developed for it and using its potential.
I also believe VR is going to be an important part of PS5 and time is needed for the wireless tech to be affordable.

sizeofyou1570d ago

Income will decide when the PS5 comes out.
If Sony see the Scorpio going well AND profit from the PS4 family flat-lining for a period, or descending, it will respond. I agree that it's a balance of money into software against money into hardware, but income will dictate when the balance shifts.
Let's not forget that, as we're all aware, the design for for PS5 is already well under way and it's then just a case of baselining the tech that goes in it. Manufacturing takes the biggest slice of time to make sure that there are adequate units available for launch. I'm not saying it's easy - but Sony could probably be churning out so called PS5's in 6 months. When Sony's accountants dictate, they will start the underlying process of baseline, hype and manufacture.
I hope its no earlier than 2019 personally - and that Scorpio pushes Sony into squeezing more profitable software for a few years yet. I'm in the Sony camp at present (but Xbox at friends) and wish Scorpio well; just to keep Sony working as well,or better, than they are at the moment...

Inzo1570d ago

I really dont think Sony see's the Scorpio as any kind of a threat. Besides the PS4 still has a huge amount to offer, GG already claimed that the standard PS4 hasnt even been maxed out yet let alone the Pro.

joab7771570d ago

If console going forward play everything, it doesn't really matter. They could release something new in fall 2018.

shiva11570d ago

The question that one should be asking is if there will be forward or backward compatibility.

If there is then death for PS Now. If there isnt, games catalogue got reset on PS5 to what ever numbers on launch day. What sort or till when would PS4 get support as new generation just came in? Would a game made for PS5 work on PS4?

OB1Biker1570d ago

I think backward compatibility is likely but just like last gen the incentive to upgrade is you can play some games only on new gen and that's a good thing since the game can then use the gull potential of the new console.
However I think possible that some new ps5 game might be playable on the pro but not on base ps4

Liqu1d1570d ago

"Would a game made for PS5 work on PS4?"

It better not. I don't want games to be gimped for last gen hardware.

Captain_Tom1570d ago

"When PS4 Pro just came out". LOL in 2019 it won't have "just" come out.

This reminds me of early 2012 when me and a few other people started hearing rumors of the PS4. We all thought "But I am fine with my PS3 right now!" Then mid-2013 rolled around, and we couldn't wait to get rid of our 7-year outdated boxes of plastic.

2019 would be perfect.

Urzusix1570d ago

Very True =3 I don't think the most powerful hardware in a given console generation has ever been the best hardware of that Gen

donthate1570d ago


A 2019 console, will look like another PS4 Pro. I don't think anyone wants that. Move it to 2020, and it may look more like a Scorpio, but that is only in comparison to PS4 Pro. It will be like a PS4 Pro like upgrade over Scorpio.

So my bet is 2021. Total smackdown between MS/Sony. It's going to be epic. Oh, and that is when MS original vision for Xbox comes alive. No more discs.

RosweeSon1570d ago

I don't think graphics are Sony's concern Xbox need games to show off those graphics and BC ain't going be it. Crackdown 3 maybe so that's one game. Sony done Pro they happy with it they in no rush to go anywhere when they on course for 100 million again. The games aren't slowing up so why would PS4 they barely just retired PS3 haha. God of war and gran turismo still coming and will show off what is possible, last of Us 2 new red dead.... GTA6 no doubt E3 gonna be amazing and PS4 is gonna be here as main Sony console for another 2 years then we might hear about a new console but it ain't coming before 2020 regardless of competition they are smashing it so they obviously doing something right back like ps1/2 days.

Sunny_D1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Even with the Pro, it will already be 3 whole years to enjoy it so it's not too soon if they decided to release a console in 2019.

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Inzo1570d ago

I am hoping for late 2019 early 2020, it will coincide with previous release dates and cycles.

JBaby3431570d ago

It wouldn't be early 2020. Systems always release right before the holidays. 2019 or 2020 are most likely but I lean towards November 2020.

TheColbertinator1570d ago

Nobody even believes Sony will exist past 2019 so its crystal clear that Microsoft is calling checkmate on them this fall.

Sony enthusuasts will join the ranks of Atari fans from back in the day soon. Those who supported Sony and survived will carry on stories to their children how at one point in their lives Sony consoles were relevant.

1570d ago
ravinash1570d ago


You might be better off sticking to tic tac toe

Why o why1570d ago

This is what having no games to brag about or play does to guys with moist tendencies.

JBaby3431570d ago

Hilarious. I can't tell whether Colbertinator's comment is sarcasm, trolling, or delusion. Definitely gave me a laugh though.

kenwonobi1570d ago

It's already over. Microsoft is glad you stuck around but sheesh the ballroom is empty. You and Scorpio can dance a lonely dance together. 😂

UCForce1570d ago

It's like you want to get rid of Sony. That's just pathetic ! So tell me this, if Sony gone, Microsoft will do much worse than others.

BlackTar1871570d ago

Could you even imagine what the VideoGame world would be like with a company like MS being the monoply.

It would be downright horrible.

UCForce1570d ago

I know you are not responding. Because you are very ignorant and hide your low attitude.

Inzo1570d ago

This would be funny if it wasnt so sad.

iain041570d ago

People like you is exactly why the word PRAT was invented 😀

Why o why1570d ago

I've heard delusion all gen. . If it wasn't direct x it was the cloud if it wasn't that exclusives don't matter it's some next madness like having the best multiplats wins a gen. . .

1570d ago
TheKingKratos1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

I don't blame you
if my father dropped me on my head when i was child ,i would have brain damage and write nonsense like you too.

KwietStorm_BLM1570d ago

This site has no shortage of ridiculousness in the comments, but you sir.. lmao