Black Ops 2 has more than 100,000 people playing right now

The release of Black Ops 2 on Xbox One backwards compatibility has ignited a rush back to an Xbox 360 classic.

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nevarDcirE1465d ago

Backward Compatibility is a huge success! Well done Microsoft, just goes to show what happens when you listen to your fanbase.

mikeslemonade1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

Casuals.. These people don't know any better.

slate911464d ago

What's your definition of a casual?

1464d ago
mikeslemonade1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

Black Ops is overrated. Any of the modern warfares, infinite warfare, advance warfare, and the PS4 launch COD were better.

Black Ops just means close quarters and SMG fest.

xHeavYx1464d ago

When you have no new IPs and have to play old games on your new system...

Death1464d ago


I've been playing Halo Wars 2 a lot lately. Should I stop enjoying it since it isn't a new IP? It's amazing how hard it is for some people to understand you can play new games as well as enjoy older ones as well. It's not either/or like some pretend. Don't even get me started about the people that talk about "old" games and then gush about indies which are closer to retro gaming than anything. The good news about B/C gaming is it's an option, not something that everyone has to do. The nice thing about it is there is a choice and not a subscription model.

zuul90181464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

I think id rather be a casual than someone with some weird ego driven pretentious "better than you" attitude based on what game someone plays.

mikeslemonade1464d ago

Indies still newer and hasn't been played before. You not a true gamer if you play a game late, period.

freshslicepizza1464d ago

scorpio is likely to improve the older titles too, including xbox one games. you have to hand it to microsoft and how well they have made older titles run.

shiva11464d ago

And half of the group on my list were on BO2 yesterday. I was waiting to find a game on Halo 5.

They are not casuals. Not one on my list had an achievement unlocked on BO2 which goes on to say that they already finished all those required.

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Kornholic1464d ago

It's a huge success on the Xbox One solely for the reason that you do not have decent exclusives to play. Playing last gen game doesn't even cross my mind.

EatCrow1464d ago

So if you had not played a previous Playstation exclusive you wouldn't play it since it's last gen?

Very sad.

nevarDcirE1464d ago

I just finished playing assassins creed rogue, taking screenshots and making video clips, with my elite controller. It's a pretty great game.

You should play it on your ps4.

Kornholic1464d ago

I played the shit out of these old games during last gen. I have my hands full with great current gen exclusives and multiplatform games. Unless you didn't own a PS3/Xbox 360, I don't get the excitement.

nevarDcirE1463d ago

Including assassins creed rogue? A game that launched on ps3/360 a full year after the release of ps4/x1... Either you haven't played it, or you went back to your old console to play it.

Which is it?

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Bigpappy1464d ago

cant be possible. No one wants OLD games....


No is called not having games on the x1

christocolus1464d ago


Well said bro.

JasonKCK1464d ago

Everyone praises BC, except those who can't get it. Those who's only option is to stream on PS4/PC through the most expensive gaming service in the world. Those who keep begging for BC over at the PS forums and keep getting denied. Every time MS adds a big game to BC you have the usual PS fanboys complaining about how unimportant it is, yet they are here every time.

_-EDMIX-_1463d ago

I agree it's definitely been a huge success for Microsoft which goes to question how on Earth is the biggest success of a company's console generation the fact that it could play its previous games? Why even release a new system?

I think it's great that people go play their past generation games with so much focus on this feature might go to ironically show just how little their fan base has to currently play to even be THIS excited about this.

If this is one of the biggest things Microsoft did this generation I think it easily answers why someone probably shouldn't even waste the time with an Xbox One if they already own a 360 especially if this is all the company is gloating about.

I mean not only is a 360 cheaper but it actually plays all the games for real....

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Liqu1d1464d ago

Really highlights the state of COD. People want boots on the ground gameplay, not a cheap Titanfall knockoff with jetpacks and wall running. Hopefully the next COD is a true return to form.

Cmv381464d ago

Less to do with bc, and much more to do with your facts.

nevarDcirE1463d ago

So why the sudden jump in player numbers? It's not like it just came back online. It just got released on another console...

StormLegend1464d ago

That's good and all, but can people stop acting like these old games matter so much? We might as well forget next gen and stay on the PS3/360.

BlackTar1871464d ago



Kribwalker1464d ago

There was a lot of excitement to pay again to play old PS2 games, like Jak and daxter
So why wouldn't people be excited to play a classic COD?

christocolus1464d ago

OMG BC IS SO GREAT ...BlackTar187 has to find every reason to downplay it so he feels better about himself... Lmao XD

Malacath1464d ago

If modern CODs were any good people wouldn't want to play the old ones.
Infinite Warfare had to have a Modern Warfare remaster bundled just get get it to sell

gangsta_red1463d ago


"BC is overrated! No one plays old games on new systems! Hardly anyone uses BC!"

**Sony announces another full priced remaster(s) of an old game**

"OMG, I can't wait to pay for this old game again and play it on my new system!!"

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SkippyPaccino1464d ago

To be fair they have nothing to play till September. Let them have their fun.

Fishy Fingers1464d ago

That's what they're going, having fun. Playing games, not bitchin about them.

SkippyPaccino1464d ago

@FishyFingers... Really? Xbox fanboys don't bitch? Lol! We all have fun at others expense on n4g... It's not our fault that a 6 year old game is the best thing to play on the Xbox one. Blame Spencer for that.

Fishy Fingers1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

So this is your retaliation? Cute. Take the news for what it is, that given the chance a healthy chunk of people would opt to play BO2 over Infinity warfare. That should mean something to Activision huh. But nahhh cos console wars and no gamez.

Although, it's a good point, what else can they really be playing? Considering only 9 out of the 10 most popular games on PS over the last 12 months were multiplats...

KillBill1464d ago

Nothing to play? 'Looks at his 136 games owned on Xbox One since January.'.. ha ok, whatever.

Malacath1464d ago

Don't we. Cities Skylines is coming next week, Awesome game and a console exclusive to xbox.

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bluefox7551464d ago

Xbox owners don't really have any current gen games to play, so CoD it is.

KillBill1464d ago

Let me see what is currently pinned on my dashboard that I have been playing frequently? BF1, Gears 4, Halo 5, ARK, Titanfall 2, Evolve, BFH, BF4, Ryse, Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel, Sleeping Dogs... and that is just ones I most recently have been playing. I also have BF3, Lost Odyssey, Borderlands 2, and other BC titles which I am enjoying. But not because they are all I have to play... but are what I enjoy and have available to me to play.

So keep talking all you want but for sure if Sony gave you God of War BC or The Last Of Us BC that those on PS4 would be eating those games up. Heck, people even paid AGAIN to play The Last of Us on PS4. You think making it available for free for those who already owned it wouldn't be a popular endeavor?

The difference between Sony and MS in this situation... MS doesn't make you pay again if you already own the game just to play it on their next generation.

JasonKCK1464d ago

I could always play your PSNow games on Windows., but would rather play my BC games for free.

Malacath1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

I own both a ps4 and xbox one. I own most exlusives on both and I still want to play old games.

You comment actually makes you look jealous that ps4 doesn't have backwards compatibilty

Highlife1464d ago

What else are they going to play

xsta1ker1464d ago

all the best AAA tittles on scorpio obviously that goes without saying... so I'll say it just to aggravate all the
checkerboard ponys that need to downplay.

Bigpappy1464d ago

now if the game was remastered for PS4 it would matter. If thousands are happy to be able to play it on X1 then it does not.

1908-PB1464d ago

Travis3708--------oh yeah it's not like sony fan weren't going crazy over the last of us remaster on the PS4 and the uncharted collections double standards much?

_-EDMIX-_1463d ago

To Xbox Fanboys this is the best thing because they actually get games to play outside of Halo Wars 2, Xbox One is essentially empty of exclusives.

If the best feature of a platform is that you could play at the previous generation games I think it's seriously questions why anyone owns that platform in the first place.

I think Xbox fans excitement of this feature in terms of exaggerating it ironically actually makes it seem that much more desperate that their Community has nothing to play.

On PlayStation 4 right now I just have a mega backlog it's just an onslaught of games after games after games.

I don't have time for the previous generation games right now.

But I'm not that surprised that Xbox One owners have all this time to play these older games I mean these numbers are proving that their fan base has nothing to play.

The only thing Microsoft even release those far was Halo Wars 2 and it was a complete flop.

So back to playing older games then? Lol

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MetroidFREAK211464d ago

So many toxic comments... Like is it really that hard to have some humility? Like Christ, we're all gamers... What's with all the attacks?

Anyway, I'm glad this game is now back. It's a really good Call of Duty game, and a simple time waster... Wish I was as good like I was nearly 3 years ago when I stopped playing it originally 😂

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