How a Final Fantasy box-office bomb led to the strangely charming Blue Dragon

The recent release of Final Fantasy XV offers up a powerful reminder of the strength of the Japanese RPG. FF’s star might not be as high as it was in the late ‘90s, but the series is still an absolute powerhouse in terms of sales and brand recognition. At one point, it was considered a must-have for a console to have a Japanese RPG of its very own even in the West, and with Final Fantasy closely tied to its rival, Xbox had to look elsewhere. Enter Blue Dragon: an all-original game with an incredible pedigree.

How Blue Dragon came to be is arguably just as interesting as the game itself. The newly backwards compatible RPG is a cult Xbox 360 classic for good reason and is well worth a play even today, but the game also represents a fascinating period in Xbox history: the battle for Microsoft to conquer Japan.

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Warshade648d ago

Unfortunately, blue dragon skrewed the poop hard when it comes to storytelling and more importantly story pacing. Taking what should be a great game and making it simply 99% dungeon crawler.

indysurfn647d ago

Skewd the poop hard? LOL......Anyway I'd buy a console to play it (If I had not already done so). I'd also buy a console to play Blue dragon TWO! So mistwalker get to skewing up some more of that poop!

648d ago
Segata648d ago

I liked the game more than LO. The Last Story however remains my fave Mistwalker game. Sadly the name was not Ironic for Mistwalker console games.

Elda648d ago

The story has been told already.

jznrpg648d ago

Decent game, but I wouldn't play it again