Animal Crossing & Wii Speak Dated for Europe

Pack your bags and take a trip to the city as Animal Crossing comes to Wii! In a new instalment to the hugely popular series, Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City not only allows players to create their own perfect life in the country, but also introduces an exciting new city area to explore! With many new features such as the new Wii Speak accessory which enables you to chat to other players in the game, pack up your fishing rod and get ready to create your ideal Animal Crossing world as Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City launches across Europe in...

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Digi-Man3673d ago

Finally, something worth playing on my Wii!!!

Shame about the spelling mistake in the title though! ;)

Smacktard3673d ago

Animal Corssing, eh? What idiots approved this?

crunchie1013673d ago

JamieSI did, in one 10-point arrproval

paul-p19883673d ago

LOL yeh i noticed that aswell haha, not good QA at N4G today then hehe

jay23673d ago

Animal Corrsing? What college is offering that course?

Pandemic3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )


Genius spelling for who ever created this -_- Nice work on who ever approved it too.....

kevco333673d ago

I get it! I'm sorry I messed-up the spelling, but I can't edit it now!

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